Thursday, October 05, 2006

Help, I’ve Been Tagged!

I found out recently that I had been tagged for a meme by The Thinker and then by ShadowFalcon and finally by Ra Ra Ra Bunggio . I went to the ER, but they sent me home telling me that I’d be OK. I’ve never been tagged before, but my understanding is that I now need to share with blogsville the five songs I want played at my funeral.

That’s really difficult for me because my religion requires strict adherence to a code of silence during funerals and memorial services. I’m just kidding, sorry. Here are my five selections. I did some quick math and judging by the playing time of these songs, it’s going to be a short funeral.

The five songs I want played at my funeral (in no particular order) are:

“Send in the Clowns” Again, I’m kidding, but it would be fun to hear as people were being seated…


“That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra – This one sums it all up

“Song for the Life” by Alan Jackson – A good slow country song about contentment I listen to often.

“Remember When” by Alan Jackson – It’s a song about all phases of life and makes me think about how lucky I am to be a daddy.

“Disney Girls” by the Beach Boys – Another great song about contentment and getting older, plus my wife used to work at Disneyland and it allows me to work the Beach Boys into the list.

“I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive” by Hank Williams Sr. – I mean seriously, I won’t. None of us will. It’s perfect.

I would like to tag
The Laughorist, Odat, C and Lee.

This is a short reminder that tomorrow will be The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile’s 100th post. Like most things, I’m sure it won’t live up to the hype (well, at least the hype in my head).


heartinsanfrancisco said...

That's a great list. I hope you won't be needing them for awhile, though.

Dr. A said...

Happy 99th post! Can never go wrong with Sinatra...

Odat said...

Great list!!!
I' already did my list...I've been tagged twice today myself!!! Thank you very much!!!!

Julia said...

Congrats on getting to 100! I'm about 20 posts away.

Kristin said...

Just out of curiosity, would the actual recordings be played? I think it might be interesting to hear all these selections plunked out by a sub-par church organist.

LOKi said...

I'm starting to think a practice funeral might be a good way to go. That way I would know ahead of time how I will react at the real one. I'll tune in for your 100th!

C said...

I was tagged already! And I linked you on my blog roll under nothing worthwhile - sorry - your blog name is long. I will plan my future tomorrow. today I was on the topic of stopping procreation while practising it.

Lee said...

Whew! I need to start smoking! It's a long time since I been tagged! ;)

ian said...

100 posts?

That calls for a pointless, desperate, stupid gesture of some sort...

And you're just the guy for that! ;-)

Can't wait to read it.


Michael C said...

HeartsinSanFran: Let's hope it's a while

Dr.A: Sinatra is tha MAN

Odat: Sorry I tagged ya. The swelling will go down in a few days

Julia: Thanks for the congrats and I'll be looking forward to your 100th

Kristin: That's a great idea, I can heard Sinatra's That's Life over a church organ now

Loki: When I'm about 70 I'll start my yearly funeral rehearsals...just so everyone's ready

C: Thanks for blog rolling me!

Lee: I'm not quite sure what to say ;-)

Ian: Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment...I think ;-)

ShadowFalcon said...

Frank Sinatra - pure genius

Lizza said...

Love the Sinatra song and Remember When. :-)

Have a good weekend!