Thursday, May 22, 2014

Exercize for your mind

That title sounds far more deep than I'll ever hope to be! This post has to be my 10th attempt to write about writing.  Back in the day, I could blog 2 pages about nothing with no effort and this time I am taking 5 minutes before each sentence!  I feel like that skeleton now.  And I'm certainly as old as it!!!

But the only way to write again is just to W-R-I-T-E, right now!!  I've got to get the brain active again.  I say I'm a copywriter but I haven't written anything for my own pleasure in a year (and I'm not sure this counts!!!).  I'm not counting the posts or comments I make on Facebook because those are small and don't take any thought.  Although, long time readers of my blog could say that about my blog!!  Touche!!!

This blog was started to make people laugh (with me, not at me) and I took it very seriously, in a lighthearted way.  So, I will do that again - just not right now.  Bada Bum Bump. I've never taken myself so seriously that I thought what I wrote would be earth shattering or that people would NEED to read it.  In fact, I wrote for myself as much as for anybody else. Sooooo, I am making a promise to me (in front of anybody that reads this) that I will write for myself again this summer.  Maybe not every day but at least a few times a week.

Possible things you will see in this space are: my love for coffee, my love for bacon, classic TV, turducken, the odd exploits of my 3 kids, the top things I have learned NOT to do anymore, useless observations, my life (regrettably) as a minivan owner, my endless search for work (seriously - if you need a writer call me!!!!), my "what day is it" posts and anything else that makes me (and hopefully you) laugh - or at the very least chuckle.  OK, if it makes you barely turn up the ends of your mouth in the start of a smile, I will consider my work here done.

I could not-so-humbly declare "I'm back" but that takes too much energy...
and my coffee is getting cold.