Sunday, July 01, 2007

Catch Up Sunday

Instead of a repost today, I thought I’d better get up to date with the tags I’ve gotten recently. In fact, it seems I’ve been tagged more than a leftover sweater from Christmas at the local department store or a mattress. OK, perhaps I exaggerated a little, but I did want to get my tags done today. The first is 5 Things and both Heart of Darkness and Odat tagged me with this one. So, here goes…

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was working for the FOX Network’s Publicity department. I worked in an office cubicle with ugly tan walls that felt like a prison. Wow, I guess not much has changed in the last 10 years. That's pretty sad. I don't even know if I can continue this now...

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I had just started blogging to commemorate my one-year anniversary of heart surgery. We had no boss at work and Lucy and Ethel weren’t old enough to talk back yet. Yep, one year ago, things were pretty good…

Five snacks you enjoy:
Cheese – fried, melted or au natural
Anything coconut flavored
Ice Cream

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:
Alan Jackson’s Chattahoochee
George Jones’ He Stopped Loving Her Today
Dean Martin’s Ain’t That A Kick In The Head
The Beach Boys’ Surfer Girl
Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Not work
Be lazy
Did I already mention ‘not work?’

Five bad habits:
Laughing at inappropriate times
Not being serious enough
Saying ‘whatever’
Never answering my office phone – it took 4 years, but my secretary finally caught on…darn it!!!

Five things you like doing:
Blogging (I realize it conflicts with using that answer above, but all I can say to that is ‘whatever!’ See, it is a bad habit).
Making people laugh
Seeing the humor in things

Five things you would never wear again:
A turtle-neck. I have no explanation for this one.
Sweat pants. I’m not that serious about my exercise
Shorts without cargo pockets. They’ve become the guy’s answer to the purse.
Plaid, unless it’s the print on my flannel pajama pants.
I’d like to say a dress shirt and tie, but can’t…yet.

Five favorite toys:
My computer
My BBQ and all of its accessories
My digital camera
PEZ Dispensers

So, there you have it. The next tag came from Not Fearing Change who celebrated her 200th post this week. She tagged me with telling 8 random things about myself. Now see, the difficulty here will be that everything I just answered above is pretty random, but I’ll try none the less.

8 random things about me…
1. I like to flavor my diet coke. I believe that coke is the base to a good drink. Seriously, Coke has to be one of the basic building blocks of life. I’ll use coconut extract, grenadine, pineapple juice, watermelon juice, you name it. I was tempted once to infuse Coke with BBQ drippings, but thought better of it. That would have meant I had become addicted and I would have needed help and then would have needed to turn to Pepsi…I shudder to even think about it.

2. I really, really like music. I have to have it on all the time. To me, it’s not quiet unless music is playing somewhere in the background. I will have assembled the perfect soundtrack for every aspect of my life for my funeral. Not that I’ve started working on that soundtrack or anything. Seriously, stop looking at me like that…

3. If I could, I would spend one day a week at either Disneyland or SeaWorld. It’s relaxing, it’s entertaining, it’s outside and it’s not an office. I think it helps me keep in touch with my youthful side. Well, that and the fact that I’m nothing but a big kid at heart. You can dress me up like an adult, but I’ll always be a kid. However, that is not to insinuate that I act childish. I rarely throw fits anymore. That last part was a joke. Seriously. Fine! If you don’t believe me, I’m going to my room and there’s nothing you can do about it!!!

4. Have I already mentioned that I tick because of my artificial heart valve? I think I have a few dozen times. Really, you should get to hear it though. How many part man-part machines do you know? Now be honest…

5. I’d like to become a professional and published writer, but I don’t have the attention span to develop characters and Dave Barry already gets paid pretty well for what I’m trying to write. I’d also like to write a sit-com, but they have all but been replaced by reality TV. Perhaps I could write for reality TV, but then that would defeat the whole ‘reality’ part of it, don’t you think? Lastly, I would like to have a newspaper column one day. Until then, I’ll live under the grand illusion that my blog is read daily in the LA Times. I mean I know it’s not, but I can pretend. I just won’t get the money for pretending. Maybe I’ll just mail my self an envelope filled with monopoly money once a week.

6. At work, I have to get up from my desk about every 10 minutes because no matter how busy I am, I get bored and need some sort of mental stimulation. I’ve noticed that my coworkers have started doing the same thing. That makes me wonder what else I can influence them to do. I might start with getting ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ stuck in their heads by me singing it aloud all day.

7. There are certain things I watch (whether it’s a movie or TV show) that keep me giggling from the time I start watching it until it’s over. I believe this greatly annoys anyone who watches anything with me. I think it actually makes them laugh LESS.

8. I like to have little catchphrases to say around people and I like to try new ones out from time to time. My most used is ‘he/she giggled like a 12 year-old school girl.’ Sadly, it’s never really caught on but I’m still very proud of it and use it almost daily. I have also used Husseined and Alec Baldwined, among many others. Yep, they didn’t catch on either. Maybe I should just go Dr. Kevorkian on the whole catchphrase thing and realize I don’t have the knack for it. I’d be better off pouring a tablespoon of salt into the ocean. Hey, that’s not bad…

Well, that’s it. Another Sunday post in the can. Thanks to Odat, Heart and Not Fearing Change for being nice enough to tag me. I promise I won’t press assault charges.


Just telling it like it is said...

Well bionic man...half man/half machine...I really enjoy reading your blogs and sometimes they make me laugh and smile cause I get your humor...and in todays times humor is hard to come by especially when you have a job that you must be completely unprofessionaly professional...
blogging I find is good for the sole...not such a bad habit, laughing at inappropriate times...come on it is me we are talking about...
I only got tagged once should I be worried that I am not really that famous...just kinda famous in my's never enough attention for me I swear...I swear..

AndreAnna said...

What is the correlation between having a penis and the obsession with BBQs?

Patti said...

I was going to leave a comment but I completely forgot what I was about to write after reading andreanna's pithy contribution.

So what's on your BBQ menu today?

We are looking forward to Ralph burning some steak this afternoon.

Michael C said...

Just Telling: Laughing at inappropriate times is the best time to laugh!! If it helps you feel famous, I'll tag you with both of these memes. Feel famous now?

AndreAnna: Well, ummm, hmmm, let's see...I don't know how to answer that. But I can tell you that I'll now never look at my BBQ the same way again... ;-)

Patti: Pulled Pork, but it'll be at my parents' place in the mountains. It's a gas BBQ, but I can be civil and hold my tongue about that ;-)

FRIGGA said...

Blogging is a bad habit? if anything, it's probably been good for you... just think of all the pranks you would've played if you hadn't been composing your next post or making comments :P

Um..."I was tempted once to infuse Coke with BBQ drippings".... wow.


Crashdummie said...

Wicked post!

I knew we had the odd passion for PEZ I common, but you are a fellow music-maniac? Wicked! Cant imagine a life without music. Heck, I sometimes even wish life had background music like they do in the movies…

Michael C said...

Frigga: I'm not saying it's a bad habit per se, but some folks around me do... ;-)
I still may have to try that bbq dripping thing ;-)

Crash: Thanks! I just picked up 3 new PEZ dispensers. Yes, music makes the world go around, or at least less boring!

Odat said...

Yet another good job Michael!!!
I love slinkys or is it slinkies?
I love the idea about infusing coke with stuff!! I'm gonna try that!
I don't think you act childish at all!! (hehe)

C said...

You are funny. I would like to hear your man-part that ticks.

I like Dean Martin.

Michael C said...

Odat: i guess it shuld be slinkies, right? Try the coke thing, you'll be glad you did ;-)

C: Thanks, did I confuse part-man with man-part again?? ;-)
Nothing better than Deano!

captain corky said...

Just so you know, The Beach Boys will never let you in if you're not willing to wear a Turtle neck sweater.

Patti said...

Someday you should take a photo of your PEZ collection and post it so we can enjoy it too.

And mountains? I thought you were in the desert. Sounds like where the Simpsons live.
I suppose you also have a burning tire dump and a nuclear power plant like Springfield does??

Just telling it like it is said...

Yeah kinda...laughter is what makes life fun...and I try to do it daily...okay I am official tagged right...ohhhh I am such a dork

Michael C said...

Corky: That's a sobering thought

Patti: We're 20 mns from the coast and 45 mins from the mountains. yes, you can argue that everything in between is (or at least once was before development) desert. We're pretty well located out here ;-)

Just Telling: Yes, consider yourself officially tagged! You don't even have to give me credit ;-)

Irene said...

My dear Michael, we really MUST meet up one of these days and share an uproariously inappropriate laugh together. ;p

Michael C said...

Irene: Sounds like a great idea. I'll make sure I trip and fall s that you can laugh inappropiately at my misfortune ;-)

Ralph said...

Fried cheese as a snack...there is a place in CT that will fry up a slice of cheese (brown around the edges!) and place it on your burger or dog...yummy!

I guess that you should flavor your Diet Coke, the nutrasweet doesn't taste very good...

The L.A. Times? You can blog better anywhere than there. Actually blogging anywhere beats working and is not a bad habbit!

Point 7 is really important. I like the Simpsons Mr. Plow and Marge Vs. the Monorail, any of the Police Squad/Naked Gun movies as laugh a minute TV...don't lose your sense of humor ever :>)

Michael C said...

Ralph: I havea feeling you and I would get along very well! ;-)

kat said...

There are so many things to say with all this new information.

I am fully in support of section two, number five.

Sea World is the greatest!

It's interesting how you managed to influenced your co-workers.... are they aware that you trained them or is this like some secret science project. Maybe you can invent a new catchphrase and use it at the office and see how long it takes to spread across America.

Michael C said...

Kat: Strangely enough, I'm in support of that section, too ;-)
Yes SeaWorld is the mecca of amusement least for me.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Hey, you promised!!!!

Or was that cute guy this morning taking out paper to write down my phone number on it... it wasn't me being served, huh? Damn, I shouldn't have kicked him in the groin and ran...

Gledwood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mist1 said...

Is your slinky plastic or metal?

Michael C said...

Heart: No groin kicking allowed. I cringe just reading those words ;-)
If you got served, it wasn't from me. No, really!! ;-)

Gledwood: Thanks for visiting!!

Michael C said...

Mist: I just feel there's more to that question...but it's plastic slinkies around here ;-)

gledwood said...

Hi I keep trying to leave a message and then it messes up... I've hopped all over the bloggosphere this afternoon and eventually I come back to your friendly crystal skull... i've been here zillions of times ... sorry i can be a bit of a "lurker" ... that tag is far better than a lotta ones ive got tagged with some are so bad my taggees refused to ansa the questions ... hmmm
n.e. way ... take it all e.z. my friend
all the best
"vol 2" ...

Heart Of Darkness said...


Michael C said...

Heart: Ok, you can mention it once ;-)

Heart Of Darkness said...

Once more or just once?

Michael C said...

Heart: OK, once

brandy said...

You like BBQ'ing and Driving? Well, what a coincidence, because I like eating BBQ'ed food and sitting passenger. We could defintely be friends here MC. Defintely.

Michael C said...

Brandy: Consider it done!!! Although it seems like I might be bringing more to the friendship ;-)

brandy said...

Do you know how difficult it is to be the perfect passenger? You can't complain about the driving, have to be in charge of the music, must not fall asleep or do anything really distracting for the driver (like play the banjo). Frankly, it's YOU who would be getting the deal here MC.

Michael C said...

Brandy: You are so right. I'll be honest though, if you CAN play the banjo, bring it. We can sing Kingston Trio folk songs while cruising...or not...
It always has been hard for me to recognize a good deal when I see it.

brandy said...

Okay... so I can't play the banjo. I can play the recorder though- quite well actually. Even music from "The Lion King", so at least we will have that, right? Right?? And I'm glad you came around on this deal. As for Kingston Trio folk songs, I have to think about it. Meaning, I have to google and figure out what the hell you are talking about.

Jenny! said...

Yummmm....nachos, cheese and coconut! Those were gifts sent down from heaven! I love Dave Barry...he is the funnies fucker ever, well not as funny as you!

Michael C said...

Brandy: maybe we can get 'Can't Touch This' translated to the recorded. Tell me that wouldn't rock!!! 'Break it Down!!'

Jenny: You made my day with the Dave Barry comment. In fact, I shall send your comment to him ;-)
Nachos, Cheese and Coconut - they should be the new 3 food groups!

CS said...

Inappropriate times are not only the best times for laughing, but they often lead directly to making other people laugh. It's a win-win. I can tell you're not a woman, by the wya, because chocolate din't even make it into your top 5 foods. I call chocolate the Fifth Food Group.

Michael C said...

CS: It sounds cliche, but I'd rather eat a little morsel of meat than chocolate ;-)

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