Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seven Things

Heart Of Darkness tagged me with this list of seven things. Since I got tagged twice this week (I feel so special), I decided I would do the first one today. Wow, this one was hard. I smell smoke and I think it’s coming from my head. One may be the loneliest number you will ever do, but seven is easily the hardest. It’s even harder than the number two (with my apologies to Three Dog Night)…

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
one) Make funeral arrangements – Mark my words, I WILL be buried in cargo shorts and my Smokey and the Bandit t-shirt!
two) Visit Graceland
three) Compete in a BBQ competition
four) Be right…just once
five) Attend a World Series game
six) Move to New England
seven) Retire…I hope.

Seven things you can do:
one) Tick out loud
two) Close both nostrils at the same time without passing out.
three) Quote endlessly from Saturday Night Live
four) Annoy my coworkers
five) Cook a mean Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
six) Make some people laugh
seven) Apparently count to seven

Seven things you can't do:
one) Tell the difference between black dress pants and dark blue dress pants. Fortunately, female coworker let’s me know after I show up to work.
two) Sit at work for more than 8 minutes without needing to get up and go talk to someone. Would that be ADD or boredom?
three) Go more than 60 minutes without checking my email
four) Eat green vegetables without having the gagging reflex
five) Have an MRI – imagine the metal in me and the magnets of the MRI…
six) Be serious
seven) Iron pants!!

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
one) Sense of humor
two) Smile
three) Sense of humor
four) Eyes
five) Sense of humor
six) Kindness and thoughtfulness…are those the same thing?
seven) Likes lobster…so what….go ahead, call me superficial!!

Seven things you say most:
one) It made me giggle like a 12 year old schoolgirl
two) Woo Ho
three) Holy Moley
four) Really, I was supposed to be to work at 8:30? I thought you said 9.
five) The twins did it
six) Does that come with French fries?
seven) What would Elvis do in this situation?

Seven celebrity crushes:
one) Julie Bowen
two) Sara Evans
three) Tina Fey
four) Jenna Fischer
five) Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland
six) Giada DeLaurentis from the Food Network
seven) Mary Tyler Moore (from her Dick Van Dkye show days)

Seven songs that I can't get out of my head:
one) Ain’t That A Kick In The Head
two) Midnight Train to Georgia (Woo Woo)
three) Chattahoochee
four) Can’t Touch This – please in the name of all this is Holy, don’t ask me why
five) Redneck Yacht Club
six) Pennies From Heaven – Louis Prima’s version
seven) He Stopped Loving Her Today – best country song ever written

Seven things you do in the middle of the night, although you shouldn't:
one) Toss and turn
two) Stare at the alarm clock
three) Tap my finger to my heart valve’s ticks
four) Cuss at my alarm clock
five) Develop my next day’s post in my head
six) Sing to myself
seven) Set my alarm clock back an extra hour

Seven things I'd bring to a deserted island:
one) Music, I think Jimmy Buffett would be appropriate
two) A fine selection of beef, cheese and other meat products
three) The entire collection of Dave Barry’s writing
four) Satellite TV
five) Cell phone, so I could delight in gleefully tossing it into the ocean
six) A Hammock
seven) Gilligan’s Island DVDs – not for entertainment, for survival tips.

Seven shows on TV you follow:
one) The Office
two) 30 Rock
three) The Simpsons
four) Inside NASCAR
five) Deadliest Catch
six) According to Jim
seven) Studio 60, even though it’s about to be cancelled.

Seven reason why the world is better off you don't carry a gun:
one) Bad Aim
two) I get cranky when I’m thirsty
three) I get cranky when I’m hot
four) I get cranky when I’m hungry
five) I get easily annoyed at work
six) I’d probably accidentally shoot myself
seven) I’d eventually drop it in a crowd at the most inopportune time

Seven things I can't do without:
one) Music
two) Meat
three) Laughter
four) Melted Cheese
five) Shorts
six) Internet/Email
seven) Oxygen, seriously. None of us can, right?

Seven things that make life worth living (a little longer):
one) Good friends/family
two) My twins
three) The beach
four) The end of the work day
five) Beautiful weather
six) Lobster drenched in butter
seven) The hope that one day a photographer will catch Oprah falling off a sidewalk or something

Seven things I used to do when I was young/er but no longer do:
one) Sleep well
two) Want to get a job
three) Get nosebleeds
four) Eat my vegetables. Of course then it was by force. Hey, that rhymed…
five) Bite my nails
six) Ride a bike
seven) Looked forward to growing up

Seven things that make it hard for people to like me:
one) My never being serious
two) My rugged good looks and great grin…I’m kidding. See, I told you I could never be serious!
three) I can be very sarcastic
four) My obsession with eating lobster
five) I’m eternally optimistic
six) I have to be heard
seven) I like to pick the restaurant

Seven stages you've gone through in your life:
one) Wide-eyed kid
two) Self-doubting teenager
three) Excited student
four) Getting out into the ‘real’ world
five) Living with responsibility
six) Becoming a father
seven) Everything surrounding my surgery – Are any of these actually stages?? Let’s hope so or I’m still at stage one.

Seven people you want to take this quiz:
Hopefully everyone that reads it, but don't blame me if you run out of answers...


Heart Of Darkness said...

Woohoo - he posted the list!!!!

You are special! And not the type of special you call people because it's rude to call them mentally challenged...

Michael C said...

Heart: Oh, I'm probably a little on the other special side, too...

Heart Of Darkness said...

You and me both! ;)

Odat said...

It must be tag week!..Maybe because it's summertime and things are a lil slow....
Great list michael!Thanks for sharing!
Seven, "It's even harder than number two..." ahahahahaha

Michael C said...

Heart: You can't possibly be more special than me. Have you read my blog ;-)

Odat: I go through my occasional 70s music phase. Can you tell I'm in one now??

Heart Of Darkness said...

Oh, so now I'm not special any more? Admit it - you were just using me to get free parking in the city!

Michael C said...

Heart: Ok, you are far more special than me. But see, now I feel bad calling you that because of the context we were using 'special' in.

Now as far as the free parking...
I'm kidding. Really, just kidding...now tell me again where all I can use that pass ;-)
Again, just kidding...

Heart Of Darkness said...

Hun, I'll tell you this much: there is no way of winning this for you, so just roll over and play dead! ;)

AndreAnna said...

I also want to be in a BBQ competition. I suppose I should learn to BBQ at some point. :)

I leave the charred meat to those with penises. Something archaic about it.

Michael C said...

Heart: Ok, you win!!! I hate to lose... ;-)
Playing dead might be fun though.

Andreanna: As long as it's the meat that gets charred...

Jenny! said...

That was a long one! I love meat and melted cheese...I couldn't live without those either! Coincidentally, I make a pretty mean Kraft Mac and Cheese myself! I liked the gun question too!

Kaizer Scott said...

hello mc fly if your gonna be on a bloody desert island with dvd's and dish network shouldnt you atleast take the t.v with you ,otherwise you stuck in the stand staring at the dvd boxes and the bloody grey dish thingy....
plus i figured you would have take a wee bbq with you so you could fry all those lobsters that you could catch in the tropical waters ...

Kaizer Scott said...

good chessy mac its a dying art form i tell ya...2 things that are esential in a marriage a prenuptual and good chessy mac skillz

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

What a wonderful set of answers! I chuckled all the way through.

brandy said...

Ohh, so many of the same things I would agree with (wait, I sorta typed that backwards... some might say I typed it Yoda-like..) Anyway, I too think I might have a crush on Jenna Fisher, so we both have that. And you know how I feel about the Office. But I actually do like veggies- you don't even like asparagus? What is wrong with you man? Oh, and lobster is for chumps.

Shibari said...

You Crack me up!

Patti said...

"Occasional" 70s music phase??
Hahahahahaha - good one old chap

so why are you moving to New England?
I'm guessing for the LOBSTER

Michael C said...

Jenny!: Try the Mac and Cheese with the meat and a little xtra melted cheese on top. Yum-o, as Rachael Ray would say. Oh my God, did I just quote Rahael Ray??

Scott: I'll take ya for BBQ Friday...no need for the island ;-)

Lone Grey: Thanks! It's always nice to see you around these parts!!

Brandy: That was a very Yoda-y answer!! Lobster is for chumps? I just started crying inside. I have had pickled asparagus and wasn't COMPLETELY opposed to it...

Shibari: I hope the cracking didn't hurt ;-)

Patti: Yep, it's for the lobster (and the picturesque setting I have in my head that may not even actually exist)

Erica AP said...

I bet the reason you have "can't touch this" in your head is because of that Hallmark commercial that was airing for Father's Day where the guy gets a musical card and it's a MC Hammer song and he pictures himself in the video. That's probably why. Right?? :)

Michael C said...

Erica: You know what, I saw that commercial and I bet that is exactly what caused it. Dang subliminal Hallmark advertising!!!!

ian said...


Methinks I shall have to complete this meme my own self. Yea, verily.


Michael C said...

Ian: Great! I look forward to your answers my friend.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Is it the "play dead" part, or the "roll over" part that sounds like fun?

Michael C said...

Heart: The playing dead - it'll get me outta work!

Heart Of Darkness said...


Michael C said...

Heart: I'm not that good at rolling over. ;-)

Heart Of Darkness said...

Um... I really don't know how to reply, at least not in a PG-13 way...

Michael C said...

Heart: Uh-oh. Now you're just tripping me up...

Heart Of Darkness said...

Are you really that easy?

Michael C said...

Heart: Sadly, most of the time, yes!

Heart Of Darkness said...

Good to know... ;)

Michael C said...

Heart: oooh, that's not good either...

Heart Of Darkness said...

Don't worry, I wont use that against you... much...

Michael C said...

Heart: Thanks for being so accommodating ;-)

Heart Of Darkness said...

Can't blame a girl for trying, though, can you? ;)

kat said...

Yay! This was so fun to read! You are very funny. Really. It's so hard to pick a favorite answer that you gave. I loved it all but especially answer #2 to the "things you did when you were young/er", everything for the gun question, and the fact that a Louis Prima song is stuck in your head.

Oh - and I'm TOTALLY stealing this idea for my blog.

Michael C said...

Kat: Seriously, if you've never heard Louis Prima's version of that song...give it a listen. I really do sing it daily...especially his backup band's 'shoe-be-do-bee.' It's swingin'!!!!

FRIGGA said...

Funny stuff Michael! I came by today to tell you I have a cause you might be interested in.

It may get you out of work!

Now you're interested?

The North gets snow days, so us here in So Cal should get "perfect weather days."

So far my HR department doesn't qualify it as an excuse, but maybe if I can build some momentum it'll take off!

Michael C said...

Frigga: I am there! In fact, I've already started making banners with surfers and sailboats on them. Pure genius!!