Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gone Fishin'

I'll be gone the next 2 days and without computer access. While I'm incommunicado (as Jimmy Buffet might say) here's links to 2 past stories I've written.

Yep, you can call them reruns. I guess you could say I TIVO'd these for later. I'll try and post Friday and throughout the weekend. I've already found some great (which means infuriatingly stupid) news items and tidbits. So for your reading or re-reading pleasure, I present:

BBQ is good for the soul
Intergalactic Spatula


meloncutter said...

Enjoy your vacation. If a cold front moves through though, it is always best to keep the worms warm.

Have fun.

Odat said...

Funny just came across you...I'm going to link you in mine....Thanks for sharing..
(sorry I'm not a publisher, lol).