Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Medical Journal Finds Barbequing Therapeutic

A big, fancy named medical journal recently announced the findings a 7-month study. The study was aimed at determining any medical link between stress and BBQ cooking. During the study, one individual was asked to grill food at least 5 times a week using a charcoal grill while a second patient grilled the same number of meals using a gas grill. Both patients’ stress and life enjoyment levels were monitored from the time charcoal preparation began through the plating of the cooked meat.

Researchers were able to determine that from the moment the charcoal lighting began, stress levels dropped 72.3% and the LEF (Life Enjoyment Factor) increased 97.8%. The only negative impact on the LEF was observed when there were fire maintenance issues before and during cooking. Remarkably, the patient’s stress levels sky rocketed during final grill brushing at the post-BBQ stage. Similarly, the gas griller experienced roughly the same pattern of performance. However the gas-using patient was only able to reduce stress levels by 64.2% and showed an 83.4% LEF increase.

The results clearly show that BBQ use is a strong contributor to life longevity. The highly controlled and scientifically monitored study proved once and for all the superiority of charcoal grilling. One could almost assert that charcoal briquettes are as essential for a healthy body as Vitamin C and rest. The same fancy medical journal hopes to conduct a similar experiment with key lime pie and coconut cream pie for tonight’s dessert.


sandfark said...

You are out of control with the blog! ;)

Michael C said...

It's not only taxing on the brain, it's fun...and easy!

Pardon the commercial.

sandfark said...

I saw that this some where. The Today show I think. Can't remember. Getting old.

Michael C said...

Sadly, the pie experiment was not conducted for last night's dessert.

Becky said...

I would categorize BBQing as a form of "moving meditation". Many people relieve stress by doing something methodical, such as walking, jogging,sorting laundry or my personal favorite: vaccuming!

Michael C said...

I can definitely understand how walking would relieve stress as I walk everyday and really enjoy it.

I can't understand the vaccuming, but I do enjoy running over things and seeing them sucked up into the vacuum chamber. Maybe that's all there is to it!