Sunday, July 16, 2006

That's A Lot Of Diapers!

By now you’ve heard about this. But in case you haven’t, this blog’s for you. A woman gave birth to quadruplets last week. Now having 2 girls and 2 boys at the same time is newsworthy on its own. The fact that no fertility drugs were used is even more amazing. But what truly stands out about this story is the fact that the same woman had triplets 3 years ago. Add to that her previous 2 children and you can almost smell the need for diaper changes! For those of you not keeping score at home, that’s a grand total of 9 children.

To say that the new parents are lucky depends on who you are, whether or not you are vindictive by nature, as well as your cultural and religious views. The family currently lives in a one-bedroom apartment. As a parent of 3-year-old twins, I cannot imagine what lies ahead for them. While it has gotten a little easier for us as they’ve gotten older, that first year was a real doozy. 9 kids under one roof (with 7 of them under 3), yikes! That makes Mike and Carol Brady look celibate by comparison.

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