Monday, July 10, 2006

Christmas in July? You bet!!

Normally you associate Branson, Missouri with celebrities like Yakov Smirnov. Country legends like Glen Campbell, Barbara Mandrel and The Oak Ridge Boys have played many a show in the popular tourist destination. Last week however, Branson was the rendezvous site for a very different class of celebrity.

Branson welcomed the first National Convention of AORBS, the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas. That’s right, a few hundred professional real-bearded Santas and (not bearded) Mrs. Clauses held a 4-day get together featuring seminars, workshops and a trade show. Some of the topics held were “How To Handle Difficult Questions From Children,” “The Art Of Story Telling,” “Working With Special Needs Children,” “Getting A Complete Background Check” and a forum called “The Professional Mall Santa.”

Now a lot of times I would just end my daily post with a joke about whatever topic I’ve ruminated about, but I just can’t this time. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas, which is why I think this story is so cool. My closest friends have spent many a 4th of July listening to me say, “You know, Christmas will be here before you know it.”

So hat’s off to the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas. I appreciate what you all do and the joy you bring to children everywhere. We’ll see you in a few months on 34th Street and at our local mall!


Anonymous said...

Isn't the red velvet suit considered bad fashion after January?

Michael C said...

I know it's most certainly bad fashion after February 14th. The only exception seems to be Starsky and Hutch/Huggy Bear conventions and Elton John concerts.