Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How Much Is That Lobster In The Window?

I LOVE lobster and couldn’t resist this story. A Maine lobsterman (are lobstermen really from anyplace else, like Kansas) caught the coolest looking lobster last week. As you can see it’s the typical uncooked greenish color on one side and the typical (if you're getting ready to eat it) cooked/steamed reddish color on the other side. When he found it, he thought he was the victim of a joke.

Apparently the chances of finding a dual color lobster are about 1 in 100 million, so this crustacean is pretty special. He won’t be served up at Red Lobster any time soon though. He was donated to a Maine oceanarium. Can you imagine how much money it would fetch? If we here in California pay anywhere from $1.99 to about $3.99 a pound for a normal looking fresh (relatively speaking) Maine lobster, a two colored version would be considered a delicacy and fetch who knows what at our priciest restaurants! Though it would seem like such a shame to waste a cool natural phenomenon on a lobster roll, wouldn’t it?

Maybe the best thing to do is follow in Homer Simpson’s footsteps. Anyone remember the episode where he couldn’t cook the lobster he bought and kept it as a pet? MMMMMMMMMM, lobster…

I had to post these pics of other famous two-toned folks. It just seemed appropriate for the situation. Man, look at the similarities!

Remind me to blog someday about how campy the original Star Trek seems now that I'm older!

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Alex said...

I love this lobster, and I love how the odds of fidning one were something like 1 in 10 million.