Saturday, July 22, 2006

Missiles Away!!

This story serves as a reminder of just how safe we all are. A Tomahawk cruise missile fell off the truck carrying it and onto a New York freeway in the Bronx Friday. The missile toting truck ran into another vehicle, which caused the missile (and I can’t stress that word enough in this story) to pop out of the truck. There were no injuries.

Ok, again, a missile fell out of a truck onto a busy roadway. Does that strike anyone else as odd? Does this happen often? Is it something we’re used to? I would think whoever was driving would tie the thing down. Do missile-transporting companies buy insurance for this type of thing? Imagine how your insurance agent would react if you accidentally drove into the missile in the middle of the road and had to report it. Who would they judge to be at fault? Of course your agent will believe that you collided with a US military cruise missile while driving down the road. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why it’s called a cruise missile after all. Why just last week your insurance company handled a similar claim when a smart bomb fell out of it’s bomber and onto their insured’s house.

Perhaps it’s just an isolated incident, one weird, scary, freaky isolated incident. No matter the frequency with which this occurs, at least it gave me something to write about today. The pickings were pretty slim.

I should now let you know that the missile had no warhead and was obviously not armed. However, that would not have made the story half as interesting and the insurance stuff would be even more irrelevant than it already is. Thanks for reading!


jbwritergirl said...


You are naive in thinking that these bombs are being hauled by U.S. agents or government employees.

The drivers of these trucks are more likely to be illegal immigrants. This is the current administrations attempt to hinder the population of these so called border jumpers who are given no instruction as to how to safely transport these items other than to take a direct route through areas generally populated by other illegal immigrants. LOL

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Michael C said...

That explains the fact that none of the truck's drivers had New York driver's licenses!

jbwritergirl said...