Saturday, August 05, 2006

Award Time

My blog has won it's first award. It took 3rd place in the innagural 'So You Think You Can Blog' competition hosted by It was for my dead eel tossing story. After all, who doesn't like dead eels?

I feel like the dad from "A Christmas Story" as I run around yelling "It's a major award!!" Thanks to The Thinker at

I'll try and post again later today.


Odat said...

WOW!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! Can I have your autograph????????

meloncutter said...

Cool. Send me a pic of the Lamp when one of yer kids feels up the cheek(grin) Congrats.

Michael C said...

Now if I could get the Bumpus' hounds off my lawn, it would be a great day!

Tracy said...

Your editorial on eel throwing was fascinating stuff. It's no wonder you won the award. As for the Bumpus' hounds, I think it's roast duck that finally gets them.