Saturday, August 19, 2006

You Wouldn’t Dare Bite The Head Off This Chocolate Figurine

A Chocolate Factory in Fountain Valley is quickly becoming known for a chocolate creation it did not intend to make. A worker there noticed that drippings from one of their chocolate containers formed an unusual clump. That clump turned out to look a lot like the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus.

The chocolate quickly became a major attraction at the company’s facility as people from all over turned it into a makeshift religious shrine (you know, like Graceland). It has now been placed in a back room (for safety reasons, maybe) but the company’s owners have no problem bringing it out upon request.

It could become one of the most popular naturally occurring icons in recent history. Not only does it depict baby Jesus and his mother, the chocolate smells heavenly, which you can understand makes quite an irresistible combination. I’m pretty sure more people have already flocked to it than came to see my paint chip that resembled Richard Nixon back in 1989. Of course that feat would have been accomplished after the first two visitors to the holy Chocolate Virgin Mary (doesn’t that sound like a rock band or alcoholic beverage?).

To many people, chocolate is heaven on earth. To many more, seeing an image of the Virgin Mother is even more special. When the two are combined, forget about it. It’s better than chocolate and peanut butter mixing with caramel or coconut joined with almonds and milk chocolate. Break the chocolate bunny molds; I think we’ve found the next big thing in confectioning; especially at Christmas and Easter, but maybe not Valentines Day. Receiving a chocolate Virgin Mary from your special valentine might ruin the mood.

One thing is certain though; I won’t be the one that bites the head off…or the arms…or the feet…or the baby Jesus. On second thought, don’t break the chocolate bunny molds!!


Odat said...


(for christ's sake, gimme a break)!


meloncutter said...

It seems that I have used the work phallic numerous times here lately. So I won't use it here. Bet EBAY gets a chunk of that chocolate soon. OK. Ok.... I will go with the phallic thing....

It could look like a 48 year virgin named Bill too. (or just a part of him.)

Later Yall......

Justin said...

Mary looks like a penis.

Michael C said...

Why do the last 2 comments have me fearing I'll be struck by lightning...oh yeah, it's the Catholic upbringing!!