Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stolen Doughnuts? 10-4 Good Buddy!!

Police chases are nothing new, especially if you live in Southern California (thanks a lot, OJ). Why, it’s the bread and butter for the show Cops, isn’t it? But a chase of a different flavor (if you’ll pardon the expression) took place in Kennewick, Washington last week.

It was a 30-mile per hour doughnut truck chase. The truck and its delectable cargo were stolen when the driver made a quick stop and left the engine running. I’m going out on a limb here, but I assume the driver (if still employed) won’t do that again.

The truck was spotted by local authorities and the driver was arrested without incident. “Ah heck, I just saw a neat looking doughnut truck that smelled very, very good,” said the arresting officer. “It wasn’t until later that I realized it had been stolen. I was just flashing my lights to get him to pull over because I wanted a glazed old fashioned,” he added.

The truck is currently being held “for evidence” by authorities. It’s still being determined, but the arrest of the doughnut truck’s driver may set a record for the number of responding units for a single apprehension. Police officers, sheriff’s deputies, private security guards, highway patrol officers, local coroners, National Guard troops and Coast Guard officials from every surrounding county, town, city and province “assisted” with the arrest and “recovery” of the stolen property.

“I thought there was a bomb scare or that the President was in town,” said a local resident of the extensive arresting force. Another town resident commented, “They had the streets blocked off for 8 hours. I’m still slipping on glaze and jelly and there is white powder and rainbow sprinkles all over my azaleas and mums!”

In completely unrelated news, the hospitals around Kennewick, Washington reported a sharp increase in the number of law enforcement officials treated for upset stomachs due to “chronic sugar intake” last week.


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meloncutter said...

I was going to make a comment about cops and donuts. Being as I am a retired cop and I highly resemble that remark. But that first comment just took the wind right out of my sails.

I just don't really know what to say with all that conspiracy theory seizing the show. Dang

Could it be that Al Qaida laced Landis' donuts with testerone? That's the only connection I can see between that comment and your post.

Boy Howdy am I running behind times here.

Later Yall.

Michael C said...

Melon Cutter,
I wasn't sure about the first comment either. I was worried about offending cops and now think that Americans cannot compete in sports because of terrorists, not because of performance enhancing drugs...maybe Barry Bonds is just a victim?
Thanks for writing anyway, I appreciate it!

Odat said...

About that first comment...(not to take anything away from YOUR post Michael) but geeze...talk about adverstising just anywhere! Oh well!

But, back at the donut shop...great pic btw, lol...and what else can I say but hey, cops and donuts go together like a horse and carriage......


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