Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oh My God, They're Turkeys!!!!

I cannot enjoy the thanksgiving holiday without remembering possibly the single funniest moment (at least for me) in television history. Of course I am speaking about the famous 'WKRP' In Cinncinati turkey drop. The episode was called “Turkey’s Away” and originally aired in 1978. For me, the staples of Thanksgiving have now become turkey, can-shaped cranberry muck, pumpkin pie and this WKRP episode. Perhaps the only other Thanksgiving television episode that comes close is the ‘Cheers’ Thanksgiving food fight.

It is uncommon for me to talk to someone who doesn’t remember part of that episode. Each year morning radio DJs all over this country will invariably refer to it or play a clip of it during their day before Thanksgiving radio show. A co-worker heard it again on one of the local stations this morning. The segment where WKRP’s reporter describes the Thanksgiving Day promotion is absolutely hysterical and invokes memories of older historic radio broadcasts. Perhaps the most memorable line (although there are many) from that episode is the vivid description ‘they’re hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement.’ That’s usually the line most often repeated by DJs. As the radio promotion from hell unravels, Les Nessman even compares it to the Hindenburg tragedy.

Most of us can be thankful on Thursday for many, many things. Some of them are big and some of them are not as monumental. This 30-minute episode of television reminds me that one of the things I am most thankful for is our ability to laugh. So, whether you are traveling or preparing the big holiday meal, take five minutes to relax and enjoy this gem from a Thanksgiving long ago (at least by TV standards). If you are stressed out preparing for the big day or just trying to get over the river and through the woods or over the highways and through the stop lights, watching this will definitely help you settle down. Enjoy…

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."
-I feel your pain, Mr. Carlson.


the laughorist said...

Enjoy the great day of gratitude.

thethinker said...

That's a good thing to be thankful for. I'll remember to laugh while I eat my turkey. Well, maybe not while I'm chewing, but you get the picture.

Happy Turkey Day.

Josie said...

Omigosh, I remember that episode. I loved that show. Les Nessman and his bandages.

And what would Thanksgiving be without can-shaped cranberries.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.


ShadowFalcon said...

I'd never heard of that before. I think its time for youtube

have a great day

Odat said...

Michael, LOL There were a few turkey drops going on in the City yesterday and I had no idea this is where it originated, leave it to you to come up with this...
Anyway, Have a great Turkey Day, don't eat too much and enjoy!!!!

Lee said...

thanks for the reminder of a classic moment. i LOVED that episode. warm wishes for a happy thanksgiving to you and yours!