Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day And Good Bye Summer

Wow, it seems like just yesterday (well, it was Friday actually) that I was lamenting the start of the Labor Day Weekend, which signifies the end of summer. Now the holiday weekend is almost over and there are just a few un-official hours left in summer 2006. Tomorrow kids will go back to school and all of us adults will go back to work as if nothing happened.

It’s now time to put away the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett. Time to stow away that old hammock, provided you had the time to get it out at all this year and you should probably go ahead and deflate the alligator raft in the pool. We can however look forward to cooler weather (in some parts of the country), the leaves changing color, the sun setting sooner, the start of a new TV season and the coming of the stretch run for both baseball and NASCAR.

Believe it or not, I have already seen both pumpkin and pecan pie in the store. The next thing you know, Target will be getting rid of their back-to-school items and replacing them with Halloween decor and costumes. I'm sure Starbucks will be featuring their Pumpkin Latte soon. Yep, summer 2006 ain't long for the world my friends.

To celebrate summer’s end, I was planning on grilling up some steak and corn tonight but it’s at least 106 degrees out and I’m afraid the copious amounts of sweat pouring off my head might extinguish the hot coals. I don’t think we had a Labor Day parade in town today, which is a good thing because no one likes getting stuck in hot asphalt. All in all my household allowed summer to pass pretty quietly this year, with the exception of our air conditioning unit which has been the only thing running non-stop all weekend. Getting that bill should a lot of fun and a great way to start the fall season.

So I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and a nice summer. I hope you got to do everything you planned and travel to wherever you wanted. We’ll all wake up tomorrow and just like that summer will be over. Don’t worry though; Memorial Day will be here before you know it.


Odat said...

Here's your first "deep thought"..
a) I can't believe it's that hot there!
b) Halloween "stuff" is already out around here in the stores..(which really gets my goat and I think Melon should write about that!)
c) Today was Funday! (tomorrow will be Arrggghhh Tuesday)


Michael C said...

Thanks for posting my first deep thought. It is that hot there (possibly hotter)and if the halloween thing bothers you, wait until I blog about buying egg-nogg in October.

Everyone who has ever doubted me has been treated to store bought egg-nog in mid-October. I really should bet on it.

I think we should also pass a law to remove Tuesdays after holidays from the calendar, too! It's too hot to name it now though...

Odat said...

By the time you pass all the laws outlawing days of the week...we won't have any more "Labor Days"!!


(word verification: xvsvuns (Russian for No More Mondays!)

Michael C said...

I plan on instituting a Labor Day every 3 months to ensure no one works too much. It will alternate at 3 month intervals with Memorial Day and Veterans Day. If I did my math right, it should give as at least one 3 day weekend a month.

ShadowFalcon said...

I've been trying to by the idea of a mid week break, giving people wednesday off and thus a 4 day week. People who work a rotating week can just have the extra day off. It will create more jobs and a happier world. Think about how unfair is it that we work 5 out of 7 days. I mean who came up with that? 4 out of 7 is far more fair.

Anyway I know what you mean about saying bye to summer...its always a sad affair, it just a matter of time till some hits the winter switch and Britain becomes super cold for 6 months...I really should move to Fiji

mist1 said...

Ooooh, fall fashion! I am like, totally ready for some layers.

Meloncutter said...

I was always told that Labor day came about 9 months after fathers night.

Damn word verification is qqkgrmdl.
No idea what to associate that one with.

Morgen said...

yes, I am one of those vile retailers: I spent Sunday (with the store closed) switching my displays from Summer to Halloween. And filling my Clearance table with lots of "gotta git rid o'that" stuff.
I love Fall, and have been obsessively checking my pumpkins in my garden on a daily basis!
Have a great week!

my word verification is:
which I think means
Had a peek at you.

Peg said...

Oy, by the time October rolls around, all the Halloween stuff is gone around here--must be that September Rush!

bwadm 'eh?

If you can't bwadm...join 'em


Michael C said...

We planted pumkins but the squirrels had eaten the seeds by day two. Thus ends my dream of having a farm one day...


But really, shouldn't egg nog just be sold year round? I always look for it around New Year's and it's gone! I hate that.

P.S. No 100+ degrees here in New England. It's almost too cold. I had to get the down blankets out already!

Michael C said...

Parlancheq: Yes, it should be a law that egg nog is sold year round. But then if it was, we'd all weigh at least 50 pounds more.

Cool weather in New England? Sign me up!!