Thursday, November 15, 2007

Did You Ever?

Did you ever stop in the middle of getting dressed for work, say ‘screw it’ and throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, head downstairs and play with the kids for a little while longer?

Did you ever find yourself watching your young child (or any young child of importance in your life) and just get lost in wonderment and amazement at their growth, ability, happiness, innocence and freedom from concern, only to be interrupted by the same amazing young child saying ‘uh, why are you staring at me?’

Did you ever pull up to a bumper to bumper line of commuters on the way to work in the morning and fight the urge to turn around and just keep driving in the other direction until you end up somewhere either familiar or entirely new?

Did you ever worry that you are doing something that is 180 degrees from what you should be doing? I mean 90 degrees is ok, but 180 is really pushing it. And let’s face it; at 360 degrees, we’re all just running around in circles.

Did you ever find yourself completely unmotivated at work and start watching everyone around you working as hard as they can only to feel more unmotivated than before?

Did you ever try to break up the aforementioned period of unmotivation by launching something into your coworker’s cubicle?

Did you ever forget to TiVo something and then everyone at work is talking about how great it was when you get in the next morning?

Did you ever get busted by HR for blogging at work and ask the HR investigator if he at least found your blog entertaining since it had taken up so much of his time?

Did you ever trip during your morning walk in front of dozens and dozens of early morning commuters and then find yourself asking odd questions for the remainder of the day while listening to your mix CD of ‘ballads’ by Willie Nelson?


wolf said...

#3, #4 and #5: Yes, yes and yes. And possibly #2 as well.

Carrie said...

A hahaha.... at the HR manager enjoying your blog. I have absolutely blogged at work and felt most of the aforementioned "did you ever's"... and still do!

FRIGGA said...

For # 3 - yes, if I'm already out of bed I always fight the urge to not go in, it's before I get out of bed that I have trouble and will call in to leave a "I'm sick" vm ;-0

egan said...

The blogging at work is a good one. I just hope I never give them a reason to investigate my internet wanderings. TiVo is awesome, but if you miss a popular show and everyone is chatting about it the next day, it kind of sucks.

La Sapphire Fliteur said...

It is funny what you said about the cubicle thing. Because one day I was so frustrated and bored, that I threw my pen over my cubicle into my colleague’s cubicle whilst he was having a meeting with some consultants that were over from the UK. Yeah I think they did find me rather mad :)

Patti said...

I confess that I am often doing things that are 180 degrees from what I should be doing. That's because I am working at home.

Airam said...

Yes on number 2. And the rest were really well thought out!

Candace said...

But if you do a 360, aren't you back on track? I do more of a zigzag thing, like a navigationally challenged, attention deficit bee.

#1 and 2 are great. You're lovely. :) (no, realli!)

katherine. said...

yes...but in my robe

still now...even with them grown

ah yes.

not any more.

not any more.

laughing...oh yeah.

nah...I don't watch survivor

that would be bad.

I've tripped twice in front the coffee place I go every morning. Both times in a dress. They replaced the coffee for free while smirking.

Odat said...

hmmmm yes! except for getting caught by HR (not yet!!!)....
Oh the last one...i've tripped but didn't listen to Willie afterwards!

marsha said...


brandy said...

I thought you stopped blogging at work?

meleah rebeccah said...

Not only have I had the urge to say screw it and play with my son just a little longer...I have take WHOLE days off from work and played hookey with my child.

Yes, I have also been busted at work for blogging and almost lost my job for using so much 'company time' yet, I still manage to sneak online here and there, I guess thats cuz I really kinda dont care if I get fired.

"Did you ever find yourself completely unmotivated at work and start watching everyone around you working as hard as they can only to feel more unmotivated than before?"


kat said...

I love your brainstorming posts.

I am trying to read very slow. I think I only have two more entries until I am all caught up on your blog. This saddens me.