Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Q & A Tuesday…Again.

Happy Tuesday! Well, here we are again, another Q&A Tuesday. I just finished my homemade quesadilla with salsa, it’s late and I had one too many Diet Mountain Dews today, so what follows should be very, very interesting. There’s another great batch of questions this week and I’m about 25% positive that I didn’t miss any again this week (sorry Odat).

Remember, you get bonus points if you spot the Tina Fey or That’s What She Said references. I know you hate this part, but my legal counsel says I need to review the rules again: no note taking, you will reference these questions in public at your own risk, I fact check nothing because by the time I am done, I am far too lazy tired to spell or grammar check. Ok, here we go…

The Exception becomes the rule this week since her questions are up first. She asked:
Which is your favorite Looney Tunes Cartoon?
I have always been a fan of Elmer Fudd. However, please do not let this be a reflection on me or my appearance.

What is your all time, absolute favorite, meal?
That’s a toughie. So, I’ll just combine the 2 meals into one great large ‘you are about to be electrocuted at midnight’ type of feast. Cheeseburgers, Strawberry Malt, French Fries, Lobster tail (can you find the second meal I added yet??) all topped off with a nice slice of Key Lime Pie. And a 4-mile walk. And a some sit-ups…

Why haven't you sent me my interview questions?
Uhhh, ya got me. But let the record reflect that after seven days, I did manage to get them to you. Perhaps I should be crowned the King of Procrasti Nation or something...but more on that later in this post...

What is your favorite part about being a dad?
Awwww. Everything. But I will say that it’s having two little best friends who want to make me laugh just as much as I want to make them laugh. It’s having these two adorable little people look up to you (both literally and figuratively) and WANT you to spend time with them and want to show off for you and want hugs and kisses and bedtime stories and coloring. It’s watching them grow and mature, even if it’s just a little sad at the same time. If I continue on, I risk getting Ver Klempt, so I will stop here. There is a major transformation when you realize you have two little sunshines to brighten up every day.

Lis, who’s style of illustrating thoroughly enjoy, asked a topical question. It was ‘what will you do when you run out of posts to recycle? Recycle recycled posts?’
Wow, say that last sentence several time quickly! I guess when it gets to the point that I start repost yesterday’s post today that it’s time to quit. It has been hard lately to keep writing every day and I have read the same thing on a lot of my favorite bloggers’ sites lately. Maybe it’s an end of summer doldrum or something. Maybe I’ll repost other people’s blog posts. I’m sure there is some sort of copyright infringement against this though, so I just won’t tell the person that wrote the post I’m using. You won’t say anything either, will you?

Airam, the Queen of Procrasti Nation (Woo Hoo, she named me King and is responsible for me starting to podcast) posed some great questions for me this week. Although I think she was just asking them to procrastinate, but I’m cool with that. She asked:
‘Have you ever been mistaken for John Travolta because of your cleft chin?’
Uh no. I think that’s only because I don’t own my own airliner and never got to be a Sweat Hog. Although I do a very good impression of him on the dance floor. But then cue up ‘Staying Alive’ and what guy doesn’t, right? Perhaps it’s just because I am better looking than he is. Or perhaps I am just making that up…

‘Do people randomly come up to you and say, "Tell me about it ... stud!"’
Unfortunately, no they do not. They call me plenty of things, but most cannot be repeated here and some of them I have never heard of or are difficult for me to pronounce. If there is a magical land where people randomly come up to you and address you as stud, then I should move there. It must be better than living in Corona. I could really get used to that. Ok, I guess if anyone wants to, they can begin calling me stud.

Lastly, Airam asked ‘why did Justin Timberlake feel as though he needed to bring sexy back? Did it ever really go away? Or is he just THAT full of himself?’
Well, those are questions that have plagued all of us lately. I think Justin is just that full of himself (TWSS). I think he missed hearing his name used in magazines, radio and TV so felt that he must bring sexy back. That is of course buying into the notion that one believes Mr. Timberlake IS sexy, which I do not. I don’t think sexy ever went away at all. I mean Tina Fey has been here the whole time. Wow, I used both references in the same answer!!!!! I’ll be honest, I have never heard of any of Justin’s solo songs. You don’t ever hear about country legend George Jones singing about bringing sexy back. Even Sinatra, the king of cool cats never tried to bring sexy back. Besides, I don’t think Justin has a sexy back at all…

That brings us to my bestest blogging buddy Odat, who through some horrible technical glitch last week, had her question skipped (which is why she put them in all caps this week). She asked (and patiently waited for an answer)
Probably at the bottom of the sea. Or maybe the dog ate it. Perhaps it was just misplaced. These are all very common answers when something cannot be found. However, I much more prefer ‘well, it was here two seconds ago, so the better question to be asking is what did YOU do with it?’ Put the asking party on the defensive, thereby deflecting any responsibility from yourself. However, I could never do that to Odat, but you get the point. Yep, I have no idea where ‘all that is not lost’ went. Maybe we should ask Justin Timberlake since he managed to tell us he found ‘sexy’ and brought it back.

I think it had the disease called ‘living.’ I mean who wants to eat a live pig? We cured the pig of living so that we could eat it. MMMMMMMM, pork products…. I’m sorry, what was I writing about again?

Frigga sent me a question this week and it was good one. Frigga wanted to know ‘Who would you rather be, Darth Vader, or Jeff Gordon?’
That’s an easy one Frigga. I hate Jeff Gordon. He makes my blood boil and possesses no fancy Dark Side powers or Sith-like abilities. He just has really good race equipment. Darth Vader on the other hand is the man in black (much like Johhny Cash and the late great Dale Earnhardt Sr., who COULD drive a race car, I might add). Darth can choke people without touching them, which would be so cool to be able to do at work. He has that really cool heavy breathing (don’t get the wrong idea) and talks in a really deep voice. I bet he kicks butt when he sings ‘Old Man River’ at karaoke bars on the 13th level of the Death Star, or the cantina on Tatooine. Crap, I fear I just outed myself as a dork. But if I was Darth Vader, no one would dare question my dorkyness because they would all fear me (cue the heavy breathing)…

Patti sent me the following question. I had to reread it 13 times to make sure I understood it and kept messing up the phrasing. Her question was: ‘Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers; A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?’
They are presently in a pea production plant in Pittsburgh, probably.

Last up this week, we have Best Bud’s Wife. Hmmmm, now I wonder who that could be (he he he). You might detect a slight theme with these great questions…
What about Bob?
One of my favorite movies. I’m not sure if I know a Bob, now that I think of it. Therefore I cannot asses what should be done about him.

What's in your wallet?
Not much. Certainly not money. I really want to get away from carrying a wallet. Would I sound too girly if I said that wallets make my butt look big? Yeah, I probably would, so strike that from the record. I want to be a money clip dude. It think cool is projected much better when you remove a money clip from your pocket rather than try to yank a wallet out of your backside. I was so flirting with a TWSS there!

Who framed Roger Rabbit?
This is just a guess, but probably Aaron Brothers who specialize in framing things. Hopefully they went with the dark stained oak and glare resistant glass for the framing of Roger. It’s a little more expensive, but the finished project looks very good. Oh yeah, it needs to have the simple white matte border. That helps, too.

Where's Waldo?
He may be hiding with the help of Pakistanis in the mountains of Tora Bora. At least that’s the last place we thought he was. He’s very elusive.

Do you know the way to San Jose?
Well, no I don’t. I think my God Mother lives there and I have been there, but was too young to drive. However, I am very familiar with the way to San Bernardino, and that’s all that really matters. And I don’t mean the way you get there by going through St. Louie, Joplin, Missouri And Oklahoma City (which looks mighty pretty). Or they way you go where you'll see Amarillo, Gallup, New Mexico, Flagstaff Arizona, don't forget Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino. Well, you get the point.

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?
I’ve always thought of myself as more of a seasoning salt or marinade or meat rub. They might not be as common, but they are so much more flavorful and vital to producing a good piece of grilled meat. Although that really wasn’t your question, was it? Sorry…

Well, that wraps another week for Q & A Tuesday. Thanks again for a great batch of questions and remember to check out my new podcast page. Have a great week!!


Airam said...

I love how it seems Odat is yelling at you!!

Airam said...

I love these answers and am honoured that both references made their way into answering my question!

Michael C said...

Airam: Odat just didn't want me to forget her questions this week ;-)

Yeah, I guess I did get both references into your question. Well, I guess the word sexy was bound to bring out a TWSS and a Tina Fey. Well played!!! ;-)

Lis said...

Oh hey, I can keep a secret. I didn't tell anyone that Annoying Neighbour has bad breath. Oops.

You know, you're already well on your way to being Vadie, what with the deep breathing and having twins (I'm sure you can dress one of them up like a boy, Luke looks kinda girly anyway). All you need is a cool lightsabre, helmet, mask and a bald head and you'll be set.

Michael C said...

Lis: Your secret about accidentally spilling a secret is safe with me. Don't give me ideas about Vader...when I get bored, I may act on them!!!!

brandy said...

It's not even Tuesday yet! Okay, it's past midnight but man. I feel ripped off.

Lizza said...

Ohhh, terrific Q&A set again, Michael. I confess I used to have a crush on Jeff Gordon many, many years ago. Please don't ban me from your blog!

Michael C said...

Bran: It's still early...you still have time. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Did I sound like a sales person there?

Lizza: That's Ok, I can ignore the Gordon part ;-)

AndreAnna said...

You are in so much trouble! You forgot me!!!


"Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm a schizophrenic and so am I."

Heh. Great flick. One of my top 20.

Patti said...

Gracias for the Peter Piper explanation.
Guess I'm in good company with Odat and AndreAnna, because you forgot my other question.

I'm also pouting. And frowning. :-(

Kimmer said...

Darth Vader and Jeff Gordon? Seriously, there is no easier question. First off: Rainbow vs. Black. Yeah, Black - I'm with you on that one, M. Short vs. Tall - Jeff is a puny putz, so I'll take Darth once again. Lastly, deep, resonating voice vs. slightly-drawlish whine. Yeah, you see where I'm going with this.

I, too, hate Jeff Gordon with every fiber of my being, and I would feed him to Jaba, if I could.

ARM said...

No, no, no...the TWSS reference is this:
"...are difficult for me to pronounce."

I'm sad that I didn't get my questions in. I couldn't think of a not lame one. But you had plenty of others that entertained me. And oh hell yes would it be awesome to have that Darth Vader ability to choke people without touching them (twss).

captain corky said...

Any chance of you doing the old Dr Pepper Jingle on You Tub anytime soon?

Crashdummie said...

I thought you were the one who got the sexy back by imitating (John Travolta - or was it the other way around) and Justin just took the credit for it...

.. now I'm utterly confused.

Michael C said...

AA: Uh sorry....This has to be so much worse than my Fundue faux pas.

Patti: Seriously, I missed your too? Oh this is getting ugly...

Kimmer: All I can say is a hearty Amen!!

ARM: Yes! The non-touching choke would be awesome!! (TWSS)

Corky: Not a very big chance, no. ;-)

Crash: yeah, let's rewrite history. I like that explanation better.

Random Magus said...

My first time here... wanted to say hi. Came from Meleah's blog!

Jenny! said...

I always leave your blog hungry! I have to say that my fave meal is Thanksgiving dinner! Yum! But a cheesburger and fries is also way up there on the list!

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG, These are (as usual) GREAT answers.

I can see you at the News Desk on SNL already.

My favorite this time was:


I think it had the disease called ‘living.’ I mean who wants to eat a live pig? We cured the pig of living so that we could eat it. MMMMMMMM, pork products…. I’m sorry, what was I writing about again?"

Ha ha ha....

FRIGGA said...

WhooHooo! Another great Tuesday post! Okay, would you rather play the role of what's his name in Groundhog Day when he get's to eat all that food, or that Bobby character who gets to drive a race car and where the wonderbread suit?

Beth said...

Absolutely, 100%, couldn't agree more with the Vader choice. Those two choices, not even the same ballpark. Not a hard choice and I'm pleased you referred to the mighty Intimidator again.

Are we allowed to ask questions whenever? I want to know: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? :)

Odat said...

I enjoyed this!!! I'm sitting at my desk at work (shhh) lmao!!!!
Thanks for remembering me this week michael!!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I am amazed that you have answers to all those questions. I'd be like: 'er, what do you think?' Alas, the struggles of the middle child continue....

Well done!

Airam said...

Next time you need to answer your questions in a podcast!!

ARM said...

Ha! Ahhhh....twss will never get old. NEVER!

I like Airam's idea. You should totally do a Q&A podcast sometime. I'm just a podcast junkie, though.

Michael C said...

Random: Thanks for stopping by!! That was very cool of Meleah to send ya!!!

Jenny!: I completely forgot Thanksgiving dinner! That is one of my favorite meals too!! I might try Turducken next year though.

Meleah: The news desk just wouldn't be the same without Tina though ;(
But I'll suck it up!!!

Frigga: I already know the answer and can't wait to share it!!!

Beth: I really do miss Dale...I will definitely answer the Carmen San Diego Q!!!

Odat: Blogging at work? You are such a rebel!!!!!!

Open Grove Claudia: Thanks!!

Airam: You're on! That's a great idea (as if I wasn't already addicted enough!!) Stay tuned...

ARM: I used TWSS at work about 20 times today! Airam's idea is great...I shall do it very soon!!!

Jenny! said...

Really...doyou think it will be as good?

I heart everything about Thanksgiving! I stuff myself silly!

Michael C said...

Jenny!: chicken stuffed in duck that's stuffed in turkey is something I have high hopes for ;-)