Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor/Labour Day Is Here

Yes, I realize I used two spellings for Labor/Labour Day. It is in respect for all my friends north of the border. That’s Canada, not the state of Oregon. I learned this week that although it may be spelled differently, Canadians and Americans celebrate Labor Day (I am going to alternate the American and Canadian spellings of it to be fair to all) on the same day. I’m not sure why that fascinates me, but then watching ceiling fans spin fascinates me…a lot.

Well, the sun is setting on yet another summer. I don’t know about you but it sure went by quickly. Too quickly, if you ask me, which for some reason you did not. Labour Day kind of marks the unofficial end to summer, which is somewhat ironic considering it was about 115 degrees here today. Maybe it’s the heatstroke talking, but it sure doesn’t feel like the end of summer with weather like this. I could have roasted a pig in the breeze every time the wind blew today. If the heat index was charted by the quickness with which a slice of cheese melts, this was a heat of fondue proportions. I realize that makes no sense at all, so I will give you another example to compare it to. Cheese melting on a mild spring day would be like putting it in the microwave on high for three minutes (comparatively speaking, mind you). I hope that helps you understand just how hot ‘fondue’ is on my heat index. Seriously, what the heck did I just write????

I think I would like to take the remainder of this post to recount the highlights of my summer for you. Uhhhh, ummmmm (this is where the camera pans way out to reveal the view of a forest while all you can hear are the sounds of nature). There had to be some highlights from my summer.

I know, there was my trip to SeaWorld with Lucy and Ethel. That’s where we saw the Lesser Flamingos (which I did a post about) who are colored a light pink. I will forever have the photo I took of Lucy and Ethel posed with their cotton candy of the same color in front of the Lesser Flamingos. The resulting picture looked like they are holding a Lesser Flamingo that they hunted and bagged. If either one of them ever dates a hunter, I am definitely breaking out the scrapbook with that gem in it.

Then there was the 4th of July. My nation’s birthday is one of my favorite days of the year. This year was extra special because an American finally won the famous Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest. Not only did Joey Chestnut win, he beat the reigning champion from Japan who happened to throw up in the contest’s final few moments. It may not be on par (yet) with the 1980 Olympic hockey upset over the Russians, but it was pretty cool. Of course that’s not actually anything I did this summer. I spent my 4th of July falling asleep in Lucy and Ethel’s kiddy pool without sunscreen on. After at least two hours of my sunny slumber, I was awakened by my ever-faithful, ever-watchful dog that just happened to wake up before I did. I think I’m still sunburned. I literally began to cry whenever I put a tie on for the two weeks following that.

Then there was the memory of barbecuing that will remain seared into my mind. Why will it be seared into my mind you ask? Because it seared me, that’s why. It seemed like such a good idea at the time to add lighter fluid to charcoal already pre-soaked with it. According to my calculations, it should have helped the charcoal ignite and burn faster, thereby reducing the amount of time I would need to wait to introduce meat onto the grill. There was just one thing I didn’t take into consideration beforehand…the wind that day. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that the flame from the charcoal briquettes was actually chasing me around the patio as if I was Pee Wee Herman running. I went left, it went left. I went right, it went right. If that is what hell is going to be like, I’d better stop playing practical jokes on my coworkers right away. I’m pretty sure the column of flame could have been spotted from space. By the way, when flame is attacking you, a spatula doesn’t provide much protection.

That brings me to my most recent summer memory. That’s the one when I actually got in trouble with my nurse because I walked too far from the nurses station during my recent hospital visit. If they didn’t want me to walk out of range of the wireless heart monitor’s reach, then they should have told me to not go to the other side of the hospital wing. And why is it they can get wireless heart monitors to deliver a signal but I couldn’t get a Wi-Fi connection? I will be writing such a nasty letter to my healthcare provider when I decide to take the time to do so. Eventually. Whenever.

So, as we prepare for Labor/Labour Day weekend and celebrate the close of summer, let us remember what an enjoyable summer this was. We should prepare happily for the gentle caress of fall, the changing of the leaves and cooler weather. Well maybe in other parts of the country. Not much will change here in Southern California. In fact, it’ll be warm enough that I can still wear white until Thanksgiving!!!

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P.S.S (Or is that P.S. squared?) I just posted a little end of the week podcast.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Woo Hoo! I was you first Thumbs Up!

This summer was one of the hottest in my recent memory. I'm ready for it to go away. Peace out Summer, you're only my third favorite season anyways.

Sorry you'll miss it though Michael. But at least you live in an area where it's pretty much summer year round.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Damn, feels like just yesterday I was submitting my post to the mundane blog carnival summer edition.

Michael C said...

Mother Hoodwink: Thanks for the thumbs up!!!! Much appreciated. I can definitely bid this summer goodbye without too much sorrow ;-)

Silver: Yeah, I was thinking that while writing this post. Really!

Patti said...

Michael,Happy almost long weekend!

I'm with Silver...seems like just the other week that we took part in the Carnival of the Mundane festivities. Tempus fugit.

I thought it was always "summer" in Southern California. Sunny and hot, right?

Stop by my place ~ an award awaits you.

AndreAnna said...

OMG, the thought of the flame chasing you is priceless!

And I love the story of you getting in trouble in the hospital. It's totally something I would do. But definitely with more cursing and word inventing!

Ralph said...

I like the bilingual Canadian-American spellings.

Hasn’t Nurse Ratched heard about Wi-Fi hot spots yet? What century is she in, the twentieth? She knows if you’ve been sleeping, she knows if you’re awake…

Joey Chestnut winning the Nathan’s hotdog contest is like the 1980 Olympics, like Al Michaels announcing “Do you believe in miracles!” Takeru Kobayashi is not fat enough to win an American eating contest, anyway.

As for the pool incident, aren’t you supposed to oil the grill first to prevent sticking while cooking?

Odat said...

What a great summer you had!!!I'm so jealous! hehe. (Actually I'm looking forward to Fall, my favorite season).
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I thought lighter fluid, and it's counter part charcoal dredged in the stuff, was illegal in California... Learn something new every day.

Just imagine how you'll laugh when it's snowing here in Denver and you're jogging down the beach.

Candace said...

I'm loving the cheese index! So far, this has been my coolest summer in MI. I guess we're making up for you folks on the edges. Today's cheese index is something like "pleasantly congealed" if, indeed, the words "pleasantly" and "congealed" can be used in the same phrase.

I hurt just thinking about your sunburn. Ugh.

I know a great way to put some pizazz in the rest of your year. I got the YouTube up, inspired by your work gun post. Do you happen to have access to a tazer by any chance? ;-)

katherine. said...

it was a great summer...but in most of California we don't really get an autumn to we?

ARM said...

Oh how you make me hoot with laughter. Your cheese analogy is cracking me up! I didn't know there was anyone out there who loved cheese more than me. But I think you're it. Because anyone who uses it to make a heat comparison definitely loves cheese.

It sounds like you had a pretty good summer, though - some of the stories you told I missed since I haven't been here long (and I haven't had a chance to archive-dive).

Erica AP said...

The leaves may not change here but it definitely gets or cooler. Still too cold for me. Does Jamaica have any cool weather? Wait - they have even bigger spiders there, huh?

FRIGGA said...

"watching ceiling fans spin fascinates me…a lot." Hey - that got me through many many many Sunday mornings when I was a kid :-0

Patti said...

I just gave you a thumbs up over at the voting site.

have a great holiday weekend. ;-)

The Kimmer said...

Thumbs Up!

I was going to make a comment about wearing white until Turkey Day being gauche, but it wasn't really that funny.

I'm hearing some 3-digit temps for the race tomorrow - be careful and stay hydrated. And let's take a moment to pray that Jeff Gordon forgets his heat booties. :)

ps. Go #20!

Jenny! said...

I totally forgot about the American weiner eater winner!

meleah rebeccah said...

I laughed through this WHOLE post.

Thank god I did not read this at the office. They would have though I was insane, laghing out loud as much as I did.

You had me at labor /labour

Random Magus said...

Happy labour/labor day. I voted for you!

Patti said...

Ralph voted for you too!

And I'm with AndreAnna - the mental image of you dancing around with the flame chasing you...too funny

Michael C said...

Patti: Thanks for the award!! It's definitely summer here right now!!

AA: Yeah, I guess it was a pretty good summer ;-)

Ralph: Yes, Al Michaels needs to do next year's hotdog telecast.

Odat: Bring on the Fall!!!!

Open Grove Claudia: I actually thought the stuff was illegal here now too. Apparently not. Although if they knew how I was using it, it probably would be.

Katherine: What's Autumn?? ;-)

ARM: Yes, I likes the cheese! Don't worry about the archive digging, it's the same gags over and over.

Erica: Yeah, i think for about 2 months it gets cold here, right??

Frigga: It's even better when stuff is hanging from them!!!

Patti: Thank you! I appreciate it!

Kimmer: Yeah, it was 108 there today! I will be sure to hurl some
insults at Gordon for ya!!! ;-)

Jenny!: 'American weiner eater winner' is now my favorite phrase for the day!!

Meleah: Thanks!! I know it was a rerun, but how great was 30 Rock last night?? Super Great!!

Random Magus: Thank you and thank you!!

Patti: Thank Ralph for me please. Yeah, I must've looked like an idiot trying to escape flames from my own BBQ. ;-)

Airam said...

I love that you are so multi-national when it comes to your spelling! I plan on reading my novels this weekend and doing nothing. It's going to be great!

Michael C said...

Airam: I understand congrats is in order!! Do nothing for your Labour Day Weekend, you deserve it!!!!!!

BTW, will you be getting your degree with...honoUrs??

captain corky said...

Have a great Labor Day weekend. Holidays like this hard to come by where I work. I should have been a mailman. Rats.

kat said...

I am LOVING the idea of the heat to fondue weather ratio. It borders on brilliance.

Summer definitely went by way too quick but I think it was a pretty good one overall. When the world is at peace how can we complain?

...uh.... I mean....