Thursday, May 01, 2008

The One About UFOs Because I Couldn’t Think Of A Better Title

You may have read this one before. Or, perhaps you did not. The good thing is that after reading it today you will be able to say that you have read it, possibly even twice. Have you figured out yet that I finally figured out that when I put the word 'Repost' in the title that less people are inclined to read it?

I also figured out that 'excuse me, I have to go x-ray my chicken' isn't catching on the way I had hoped. I tried it at work, I tried it with friends, I tried it here and on my little Facebook status thingy. Wow, it's a good thing I held off on ordering those 3,000 'excuse me, I have to go x-ray my chicken' t-shirts. That would have been awkward...

According to a Reuters news story from Monday, an international panel has asked the US government to reopen its UFO investigations. It also asked the government to open up its ‘Elvis is Dead’ file and to publish all of its research on the Flying Soda Bottle phenomenon. I however am going to focus on the UFO thing, although for the record, flying soda bottles can count as UFOs. There is however no truth to the rumor that the same panel has asked the government to open the doors to Hef’s Playboy Mansion.

A lot of people have reported seeing UFOs. Sometimes they are witnessed by groups and other times by lone individuals on dark highways in backwoods. Although it is somewhat embarrassing, I am going to use this blog to say that I have had my fair share of UFO sightings. I realize I may be ridiculed, but I have seen more than one UFO. Since I have shared that fact, I guess I should go ahead and give you the details of the sightings I have experienced.

- September 17th, 2003. During a feeding for my twins there was a soft dull rumble followed by what can only be described as something resembling egg nog mixed with cottage cheese flying across the room. I was too horrified to reach for my camera.

- Janurary 23, 2006. I watched an object that appeared to be very similar to the same shoe I was wearing for work zoom over my head. It was just about a second later that I realized it was actually the shoe I was wearing. About another second after that, I realized this was all because I was tumbling down my stairs due to my little balancing problem thanks to a little inner-ear difficulty. I was able to explain away this UFO sighting. Well I was after the headache and bruises went away.

- July 4th, 1996. During our annual 4th of July softball game I was playing centerfield. I momentarily took my eyes off the game to look at a girl strolling by the park. Next thing I know I hear a big ruckus and look up just in time to see an unidentified sphere just seconds before it glances off my head. This was followed by lots of laughing so I decided not to report it. There appears to have been many witnesses as the sighting is still referenced to this day

- November 3, 2002. While changing one of my newborn’s diapers, I turn away from the stinky subject and turn back around just as I see something streaming through the air. It was a yellowish liquid and therefore does not qualify as a traditional flying object. However, I saw it and that is all that matters.

- August 5th, 1997. While driving south on Interstate 15, I look up just as a UFO is striking my windshield. The same windshield I had paid to have replaced just two weeks prior. Damn UFO cost me a $150 deductible…and I never even saw it, just its aftermath.

- Thanksgiving, 1983. After the family meal of turkey, pie and a few libations, my drunk Aunt decided to show us her ‘special’ trick. This time, the UFO looked to be of the dental variety. It flew across the room and I have not been able to watch Florence Henderson do a Polydent commercial since.

- March 13th, 2007. During a ‘team building exercise’ involving nerf guns while we were supposed to be on a conference call, I hear a pop and just as I look up, I see a UFO sailing over my cubicle wall into the crowded public lobby of my office. We all scatter quickly. The UFO was never returned to us.

- September 29th, 1996. It is my first day of golf class so that I can complete my coursework and graduate from college. I am practicing my golf swing with a 3 wood while lined up with 22 of my classmates. Next thing I know, what looks like the same 3 wood is hurling through the air directly to my left. I notice that my hands are now suspiciously empty and thinking of nothing else to say, yell ‘fore!’

- June 6th, 2007. While teaching Lucy and Ethel how to hit Whiffle Balls off a tee, I am struck quickly and violently by a UFO in my Manitalia. This UFO sighting felt like it was followed by an alien probing. It hurt. That’s why I don’t talk about it.



Glad I found your blog! I laughed and laughed! Will be back for more.


Glad I found your blog! I laughed and laughed! Will be back for more.

Alien Contactee said...

Funny and a waste of my time at the same time.

cmk said...

You have taken care of UFO sightings, now I want to know about any ghosts you have seen. I'm sure THAT would be just as interesting of a read.

FRIGGA said...

Wait a second, that WAS a repost!! I feel tricked, cheated, robbedd! 8-\

Okay, I'm over it. :)

I'm sorry, I'm one of the guilty ones that doesn't read your re-posts. But that's because I've read nearly every single post on your entire blog, so I should be allowed to skip reading them twice, right?

Odat said...

I know you're nuts and this confirms it...(I mean I don't really know your nuts I mean that you're that better?) ;-)


Mel Heth said...

Manitalia? Hilarious.

I think there have been a few times wherein my arm was possessed by aliens and used as a spacecraft launching pad. Like the time my brother-in-law said something obnoxious to me and then next thing I knew, a silver Hershey's kiss-like craft was flying through the living room and struck him in the forehead.

meleah rebeccah said...

yes. I did READ This One Before. I think when I first started reading you on a daily basis.

On a limb with Claudia said...

Huh. I guess you'll be seeing the new X files movie? I'm certain Mulder will explain this phenomena.

Patti said...

I laugh every time you write Manitalia.
I guess I missed this post on the first go-round. Or else I forgot. I am getting forgetful.
But I've read it now. ;-)

Remember if you ever come out this way, I live but a few short miles from the Wiffle Ball factory.

berto said...

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