Saturday, May 31, 2008

The One Where He Drones On Forever And You Are Stuck Listening To It

Well, the weekend is upon us and really, who wants to spend all day reading something, especially when the weather is so nice and the kitchen needs to be cleaned. Wait, that last option doesn't sound like much fun.

I have an alternative for you. You can listen to something. It's really much more efficient an activity when you think about it. You can crank up the volume and do whatever you wanted to while still being able to listen. Your hands are freed up and you are not stuck in front of your computer. I prefer this option at work, but even though it is more efficient, my productivity suffers horribly.

Now here's the downside. The thing I am offering up for you to listen to is 9 minutes of solid, irrefutable evidence that I should stick to writing. I am going to choose to say it's because my podcast skillz (the use of the 'z' makes me hipper, though if you read that really quickly, you'll probably think I just wrote the word 'zipper') are a bit rusty since I haven't podcasted since Halloween. Gheesh, that's like 3 months ago.

So, if you'd like, feel free to click on over to what I like to call 'the essence of what hell will be like in audio form.' Have a great weekend!!!!!
(it may take a second to start, or you can always download it)


Patti said...

Now that was a great podcast, Michael.
I am also really excited (TWSS) about the free Simpsons' cursors.

Patti said...

P.S. Oct. 31 to May 31 is like 7 months. ;-)

Why am I the only commenter? Starting to feel a bit lonely in here. It's kinda like my blog.

Have a great day 2 of the weekend.

magickat said...

1. I cannot listen to anything with sound right now so I will be back for the podcast.

2. I am now going to visit Patti's blog because I have never done so and my curiosity is piqued.

meleah rebeccah said... have always had great Podcasts. (which I will listen to in a second) But you are born to write for SNL.

Really...they are clearly hurting for some NEW and GOOD material.

*key word GOOD*

I am also now very curious to read Patti's blog. And yes Michael, its been like 7 months since your last podcast

Patti said...

Michael, hope you don't mind if I use your comment space for a minute.

Magickat: thanks for stopping by. Next time I'll put the coffee on.
I'll be over to visit.

Meleah R.: please stop over, and I'll do likewise.

Thanks Michael!

Michael C said...

Patti: I don't mind at all. I usually don't have the time to comment on my own blog anymore, so write all you wish ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh hey Halloween is coming up in a few...maybe I should have a party!

Selma said...

I'm going to listen right now. See you there!

Patti said...

Gracias, Michael. I haven't been commenting much on my blog either, but I appreciate every last comment I receive.


Happy Monday

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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