Sunday, December 02, 2007

‘I’ Can’t Believe How Cool ‘I’t ‘I’s!!!!

Warning: after rereading this, I have decided it may well be the dullest post ever, but since some of you may have trouble falling asleep tonight, I will post it anyway. Good luck…

I FINALLY got an Ipod (hence all the quoted letter “I’s” that I thought I was cleverly using in the title above, but that now make it seem like I be or is or am illiterate) . Holy, holy crap it’s amazing!!!!!! Although I have to admit that I feel like I am trying to learn how to use a CD player after using a turn-table, or a reel-to-reel or an 8-track. I thought I was a techno-savvy man about keyboard, until I tried to use the Ipod last night…well, using the Ipod was easy, but getting music onto it was the equivalent of me trying to climb Mt. Everest with 4 bags of ball-bearings strapped to my back while wearing shorts and sandals. With a head cold. And frostbite in delicate places.

It’s a sad moment when you realize that maybe your speed is more 2005 MP3 player than Ipod user. Seriously, I sat in front of Itunes until the break of dawn trying to get my imported CDs into the play list I created. My head aches just describing the story while using words like import and play lists. And I haven’t even started talking about ‘docking’ yet. Fortunately, around 6am I discovered that my imported music was sitting in my library all along. Then after some alternating praying and cussing, I figured out how to drag it into the play list I made. Or at least I thought I did. Since I didn’t bother giving the songs titles, I didn’t see them in the playlist and then eventually noticed that I had loaded them into the playlist…4 different times!!!!

As I sat patting myself on the back after (finally) loading 400 of my favorite tunes onto the little devil, I realized I had barely used a gig of space and still had more room on it than on my PC’s hard drive. For some reason, this intimidated me, so I broke out the Barry Manilow. I just loaded in his hits and now I can brag of having 403 songs on my Ipod. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. It’s now 407. I guess I should target such musical stalwarts as The Captain and Tennille, The Carpenters and Carly Simon next.

In case you are wondering, the first 400 songs were all Christmas and I am embarrassed to say that it’s not even half of my collection. See, this is why I secretly begin listening to Christmas music in July. It’s so that I can get all of my Christmas music listened to by the time December 25th rolls around. It’s the same reason that I need to start listening to my Jimmy Buffett and Beach Boys on December 26th, so that by July 4th I can say I have listened to all of my ‘summertime music.’ As much as I like it, I just wish that Kenny Chesney would stop recording ‘beach/tropical music’ because it’s really stretching my ability to get it all listened to. Then there is the dilemma caused by the fact that both Buffett and Chesney recorded tropical sounding Christmas albums. Last year I tried listening to those around St. Patrick’s Day, but it really just caused more confusion than anything else.

Of course I had to buy the accessories like the in-car FM radio transmitter so that I can listen to it in the car, the case, the attachment cord for my home stereo unit and all that type of stuff because I’m gullible and money is completely incapable of staying in my pocket for more than 20 minutes. If you don’t believe me, ask the cash register workers at the Target across the street from my office. Or the grocery store behind my office, or the Mexican food joint in our work’s parking lot. OK, I think I’ve established my case on this point. Next on my list is the docking speaker unit for my desk at work like the one that my co-worker partner in crime has and was nice enough to let me use. Although if you are taking score, I’m still wanting the deep fryer for Christmas in the same way that Ralphie Parker wanted the Red Ryder BB Gun. While you may not be able to do anything about shooting your eyes out, there is always angioplasty for clogged arteries. God Bless science and medicine!!

I would like to write more, but I found another Christmas CD on the passenger’s side floorboard of my truck, so I really feel I should get it onto my Ipod as soon as possible. I’m hoping to be up to 3 gigs used by the end of the week. By the way, what the heck does ‘sync’ mean?????????


AndreAnna said...

Mike is anti-apple so we're not allowed to have I-anything in this house. But to be honest, I could never listen to an Ipod enough to justify needing that much space.

Hope you figure it out soon!

Anonymous said...

One day you will look, lovingly, at your Ipod and ask yourself how you ever lived life without it. But rest assured, there will also be days where you throw it up against the nearest wall in a fit of anger. Trust me.

Michael C said...

AA: I also used to worship at the temple where Bill Gates was Lord and Steven Jobs was evil personafied. Now I have an Ipod and will be converted tomorrow.

Mimzie: Yes, that's why I bought the 3 year product protection plan ;-)

kat said...

The iPod changed my entire existance. It is hands down my favorite technical gadget. The only thing that even comes close is my Blackberry I would let it burn to a crisp in a house fire to save my beloved iPod.

iPod rules. Welcome to the beginning of a lifelong obsession.

Michael C said...

Kat: What lifelong obsession? Hey, when the heck did it become Sunday night?!

meleah rebeccah said...

Im still shocked that you just now own an iPod.

[jaw on floor shocked]

you will LOVE IT

and you better add all the carly simon you can.

Michael C said...

Meleah: Yeah, I was a pretty long holdout on this one. Boy am I making up for it now though.

'You're So Vain' is already on there twice...but that's because I'm still learning the ropes ;-)

Airam said...

Ha! I love how excited you are about the iPod!

ruby said...

You are going to be soooooooo attached to the ipod, it will be part of you. You will name it. Trust me. I sometimes feel the need to burst into a rousing Ruby style rendition of Deck the June. know...its all....fine.

Odat said...

Look out world! He's got an Ipod!!
LOL. I don't have one...I don't think I want one either.

Chefmom said...

My daughter has one, and more then once, I loaded and unloaded all the songs on it by accident. It took me FOREVER to get itunes figured out. I have an iriver, and that uses media player...much easier

armalicious said...

Your iPod will change your life, yo! I was so stoked to get mine last year for my birthday (I got the nano). And now I want to upgrade and get the full iPod that holds thousands and thousands of songs.

Are you running your iTunes through your windows? I do have to agree that managing music and stuff with the iPod through windows is rather tricky and took me a couple of times to figure it out the first time I tried it (and it was rather slow going, too). But on my iMac, it's a breeze.

BTW, they sell Red Ryder BB Guns and Walmart. And I'd bet that they sell those deep fryers there, too.

FRIGGA said...

Wow. For the first time you have me saying "I want an IPod." But when will I ever listen to all that music? Well, I'd have to get all the accessories so I could have it in the car, at work and at home... Maybe if there's a good after Christmas sale... :-0

meleah rebeccah said...

just wait till you DOWNLOAD TV shows to your 30 ROCK

Tink said...

You forgot the 'i' in Bel'i'eve

La Sapphire Fliteur said...

Um, now you guys are making me feel like I am from some what of a different universe, I don’t have an Ipod, and I have never even used one before! Oh gosh :(

brandy said...

Ohhh friend. My ipod has been the cause of several of my nervous breakdowns. I don't like how you can't take music off your ipod and put it on a different computer. We put a man on the moon yet... okay I'm not going to finish that sentence.

Also, yeah. The Office on your ipod. Let that idea just blow your hair back for awhile...

Michael C said...

Airam: I get excited pretty easily (man oh man am I resisting the temptation to use a TWSS there).

Ruby: I named mine just today ;-)

Odat: Be ready for a VERY serious commitment if you get one ;-)

Chefmom: I do miss my MediaPlayer

Armalicious: My Ipod has become my 3rd child. I saw the Red Ryder gun at Wal-Mart today! I was there shopping for Ipod accessories...seriously.

Frigga: Make it your combo birthday/Christmas present ;-)

Meleah: I will gladly become a shut in when I start doing that. Gladly!

Tink: 'I' knew 'I' would forget one.

La Sapphire: All you are missing is a deadly addiction ;-)

Brandy: My hair is blowing back as I type this!