Sunday, December 03, 2006

Third Time's A Charm

Lee tagged me a few days ago so I figured I’d do this today instead of a repost. Thanks for the tag Lee, it only itches a little…

Three things that scare me:
Upper Management when they’re allowed to make decisions
Trying to dress my twin girls

Three people who make me laugh:
David Letterman
Dave Barry
My kids

Three things I love:
My family
My Tivo remote
Watching NASCAR on a Sunday afternoon (with no interruptions)

Three things I hate:
Most celebrities
My office cubicle

Three things I don't understand:
Any arithmetic greater than 2+2
Oprah and Dr. Phil

Three things on my desk:
My Disney Incredibles coffee mug
Photos of my twins
My head in my arms, when I can get away with it

Three things I'm doing right now:
Typing this
Trying to keep the twins from waking up their mother
Thinking of something clever to say that I’m thinking about

Three things I want to do before I die:
Stand up comedy
Clean out my garage
Find the gopher that’s tearing up my back yard

Three things I can do:

Three things I can't do:
Stop eating
Stop drinking
Math above the 4th grade level

Three things you should listen to:
Your spouse (especially when you think you’re about to hear ‘are you listening to me?’)
The Rat Pack
Your young kids (if you don’t, before you know it you’ve given them the ok to use crayons for lipstick)

Three things I'd like to learn:
How to cook like they do on the Food Network
How to get paid for writing a blog

Three favorite foods:
French fries

Three TV shows I watched as a kid:
Dukes of Hazzard
The A-Team


Empress Bee said...

hey michael! great to be back....had lots of fun but done is done and home is sooooo sweet.....bee

Odat said...

How come everyone is afraid of clowns....and if that's the case, why are they hired to entertain children??????
Great list michael, thanks for sharing.....(don't forget you always can listen to the Cubible Song again.)


Shionge said...

Thanks for the 3s, give me a FIVE coz I'm not into arithmetic too - never a number cuncher heeee....


Le Nightowl said...

Finding French fries on your list somehow makes me feel good :)

mist1 said...

I expect a video post the day that you find that gopher.

Michael C said...

Bee: back to life, right? Aren't vacations fun though?

Odat: I agree with you about clowns entertaining children. Maybe the more jaded we get as we get older makes clowns seem scary to us. Or maybe I have no idea what I just wrote ;-)

Shionge: Five it is as I'm not sure what the difference between the 3 and 5 would be anyway ;-)

Le nightowl: Should I also admit that I love French Toast, too?

Mist1: You will see a video post on that day and it will contain smoke, fireworks, maybe some canned ham, lots of dirt and a celebratory dance by me!

Dan said...

Three things I hate about memes:

they're lame
they suck
they blow

(OK, so what if I also have a meme up now ... at least it has nipples, and you can win money by participating)

Michael C said...

Dan: I don't get tagged too often so I do them when tagged. Yours was a lot better though.

Violet said...

What's scary about dressing your girls? I'd have thought it won't get scary until they start wanting to wear halter tops, mini skirts and stiletos.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I always thought three was a crowd.

ShadowFalcon said...

Ahh your really ah sweet, the loving of family stuff.

I'd swamp mine if I could.

Lee said...

Ahhh...Dukes of Hazzards...the memories! I spent a lot of time trying the decide who to have crush on, the blond, the brunettem or the daisy dukes. Thanks for playing!

Cece said...

Great list! Its nice to run into another SoCal person in Blog-land, I'll be back...

Michael C said...

violet: for me it's pretty scary figuring out where all the clothes are, who wears what and what goes with what. To a t-shirt and shorts guy it's pretty overwhelming ;-)

heartsinsanfrancisco: I used to think that until I ended up with twins ;-)

shadowfalcon: there are times I'm tempted to swap them too, believe me ;-)

Lee: it was my pleasure. Thanks for the tag! Yee-Haw!

Cece: thanks and welcome. Feel free to stop by at anytime and it is nice having another southern california out there ;-)

C said...

Can I get paid just for being a woman? It's hard work.

Amy said...

ha ! funny, i have to admit, i hate getting these things but i enjoy reading them... pft -

Michael C said...

C; I'd paid you for that. It looks like hard work!

Amy: thanks. A meme a day keeps the real posts away...I guess?