Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Apparently thinking I had gotten all of the random thoughts out of the way last week was wrong. There are more and I want to share them with you. This serves two purposes. 1: Lets me get feedback from my favorite readers/commenters and 2: Gives me something to write about. And really, what blogger isn’t looking for good decent semi-coherent material? I know I am. It kind of reminds me of those great nights back in high school and college where I’d find myself a few pages short of the length requirement for my term papers and would open up women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan and start randomly quoting from them. I’m just kidding. There is no way I’d ever have the guts to try anything like that. I used Field and Stream…

* Why isn’t Floam the world’s greatest packaging material? It’s part liquid and part foam. You’d think it was a shipper’s dream substance. Like Flubber to Fred MacMurry or silicone to Pamela Anderson.

* I am beyond excited about our new Bass Pro Shop just up the road. I’m going there this weekend to try to find a camouflage tie. Conventional wisdom would deem that if it’s camouflage, it should go with anything I wear and matching ties to shirts is well understood to be my weakness.

* When riding the Matterhorn at Disneyland in the middle of the worst and wettest Southern California Storm in 3 years, don’t look up. On the bright side, I won’t have to rewet my contacts for at least the next 17 days. On a somewhat related note, never wear a fleece pull over when expecting the same worst and wettest Southern California Storm in 3 years. I wouldn’t really call it a ‘water-repelling’ fabric.

* Why is it we can send a man to the moon and clone a cat but we cannot breed turkeys with more than 2 legs? I ask you is there a more tasty and self contained form of meat than the turkey leg? The thing even has its own handle!

* When you give digital cameras made for kids to your kids, be prepared to pose for pictures each and every time you turn around until the batteries run out. Tip: leave the camera on when no one is looking and the batteries seem to run out much quicker.

* I don’t think I could ever get accustomed to Hugh Hefner’s way of life. I mean I can’t stand wearing robes.

* When you build up the fact that you are doing a post about random thoughts in the not often used but easy to execute bullet form, make sure you have more than 6 items to share.

* Sorry about that. Whew, I just squeezed in another bullet!


The Kimmer said...

Mmmm, bullets! :)

I have mentioned how I love them, right?

Btw, I didn't know Californians were allowed to OWN fleece, let alone wear it. I thought it was a fabric only for us New Englanders!


Valerie said...

Hey, I just used a bullet point post and I only had three bullets. You tryin' to say somethin'? :P

FRIGGA said...

Floam? Is that that colorful fun stuff that kids play with? I want some if it is!

If a chicken had 4 legs I don't think even frying it would make it sound appetizing to me. So please, just fry it and put it in front of me without saying that all 4 came from the same bird.

I wouldn't mind spending my days in my pajama's - but I'd rather not be surrounded by hot chicks showing too much skin...

Open Grove Claudia said...

Love the random bullets!

Was the guy still climbing the Matterhorn in the rain?? Did he fall on you?

So what's up with you and blondes? Hefner loves the blonde. Are you more of a brunette guy.

chefmom said...

Love the bullets! As for the digital camera, mine thought it was more funny to not have you pose and get in the most unflattering shots possible. Good luck with the Camo tie. If you really thing about it, the military has so many different prints for their Camo Uniforms, these days, that essentially you just might be able to match all you shirts and pants with them. I only know this because we live outside a base, and they're always dressed differently. Floam would be a good packing material, but have you ever smelled it? EEwwww!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I'm not a fan of Hugh Hefner's bathrobe...er, smoking jacket either. It's pretty creepy looking...and he's creepy enough without it!

CS said...

My kids like to turn the camera on themslves, taking random close-ups of their faces. Thank God film and film develpoment are no longer required!

meleah rebeccah said...

"* I don’t think I could ever get accustomed to Hugh Hefner’s way of life. I mean I can’t stand wearing robes."

Oh man.... I could. I could live in Robes and Pajamas all day every day.

Selma said...

I'm with Meleah. Bathrobes and Pjs all day along with four-legged turkeys...bliss!

Patti said...

No robes? Let them wear fleece! to paraphase Marie Antoinette.

Candace said...

The Kimmer - when I lived near San Francisco, I saw not only fleece, but DOWN JACKETS! When it was 60 degrees, mind you. Geez, today it's almost 40, so we didn't even need jackets, LOL! It's all relative, I guess.

Michael - sorry to hijack your comments. I have a very important Q for you. Aren't you going to have a hard time actually finding the camoflauge tie if it's, well, camoflauged? ;-)

The Kimmer said...

Candace - I hear that Boston was warmer than San Francisco today. It's currently 60 degrees here. :)

That's a switch!