Monday, November 28, 2011

Will YOU Be At Your Computer Today?

Back to the grind after a holiday weekend. But this Monday has a title. It's “Buy Things While You Are At Work Day.” Apparently, that is known by SOME people as “Cyber Monday.” I guess Black Friday needed a cousin, or at least a red-headed step child. Personally I prefer Thursday's title: Take Things Back Thursday.  Only, shopping online doesn't require money. You just buy it and it shows up, right??

We spent like 52 Billion ( that's right, with a B) this past weekend. I guess over the weekend the economy turned around. But I am NOT writing this post to say people spending their money is a bad thing, especially went it comes to Christmas presents. I say the more the merrier!  

I would be more than happy to point you to some clicks for good deals. You know, if you want to buy them for, whoever... Or perhaps you want to buy something for somebody's birthday. Like a certain blog writer I know. Hey, enough of that!!! Unless you wanted to. No, that's enough!!

Happy clicking!

PS – Remember to get just a little work done today while you are cruising the intrawebs :)


Patti said...

I love online shopping, but I think I'll pass on it today.

Happy Cyber Monday, Michael! I hope a certain blogger gets whatever he may want for his birthday and Christmas.

meleah rebeccah said...

"I guess Black Friday needed a cousin, or at least a red-headed step child..."