Tuesday, November 08, 2011

We Need To Change Up The Words We're Using

The Bee Gees once had a song called “Words,” it doesn't really apply here, I just like stating the fact that I like The Brothers Gibb. I would love to be a guest on the Barry Gibb Talk Show, but that doesn't really apply here either. What I am trying to say (if you read WAY between the lines) is that we need to get back to the words of yesterday. So, here is a list of words that should be reintroduced in the 21st century...

Ninny (it's the short form of nincompoop. Which probably has something to do with going #2)

Gad-jooks (to act in a surprised manner. Or the sound one makes when sneezing with a lisp)

Goody (just a longer form of saying 'good,' but it's much more fun)

Tallyho (this is used instead of 'let's go.' Generally, it is said at sea when you see something. Get it? Sea and see. Don't laugh at me...laugh with me!!)

Tomfoolery (when you see Tom, sometimes Tim, make a fool out of himself. Come on, you saw that coming...)

Anywho (It's another way of saying 'anyways' but you appear more lively in spirit when you say it)

Gosh (to act surprised or a really clean cuss word)

Hoot-nanny (this is generally used when speaking of a real good party time. Or, when your grandmother is very drunk)

Fab (Another way of saying great. The Beatles used it, so I think it speaks for itself)

And #10:

Vunnderful (It's Lawrence Welk's way of saying 'wonderful.' It probably had to do with the fact that English wasn't his first language, but like we say in America 'make fun of anything that isn't normal...'

I know there are lot of other words I'm am forgetting so let me know of them and I'll look in the dictionary to find the definition. What? You think I just made these up?? Pssshawww...


meleah rebeccah said...

Oh hell yes. I will totally help you "bring back" these words!!

Arnie said...

Gad jooks that was a hootnanny!! I saw this post and thought Oh goody i'd be a ninny if i didn't read it. Anywho I wanted to see what kind of tomfollery you'd be writing about. Gosh, your writing is just fab. In fact its vunnderful

LesleyG said...

Ha! Okay, you got it. Tally ho is making a comeback in a big way in my world!

Lemon Stand said...

I think people are more lazy with their speech. There was a time where swearing in front of a woman or child was taboo so you had to THINK about it. Still, I'll be happy to start using a few of these around the house. When it's laundry time. Dinner time. Cleaning time. Soon I'll bet I'll have worn out these words welcome. :)