Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Very Happy Birthday, Mr. Samuel Twain

I don't do 'shout-outs' on this blog, I guess that is also called 'special recognition' or hellos. Heck I don't even mention my kids by their real names! A special shout-out to Lucy, Ethel and LaVerne!! Ah gheez, I just did a shout-out!!!!!! Augh.....

But this shout-out is worth it. It is Mark Twain's (Samuel Clements) 176th birthday. Just yesterday I was writing something vaguely about 'Why I Write' and he is certainly one of the main reasons I do so. He is and always will be America's Humorist, well next to Fred Willard of course. He had something to say on everything from A-Z. Of course, he wrote a few famous books, too :)

Sitting down to write everyday, he's with me. Well, the early Mark Twain, because I really don't like to wear all white. I hope that made sense. If not, there's always Wikipedia.

Anywho, Happy Birthday Mark Twain!!!! I bet he would have a lot to say from where he is right now.  

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Ralph said...

Samuel/Mark was a fine writer. He wrote of his experiences, and with the writing skill he honed as a newspaper, he certainly knew how to hook the reader.

One of these days, I need to visit the Twain homestead in Hartford, a mere 40 mile drive. Patti has been there, I hope there is a lift to get into the first floor, ay least.

The house has a style and dignity all its own. The web link: