Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coffee. Yep, That's It. Just Coffee

I WAS going to write my thoughts on the greatest album never to be released (The Beach Boys Smile). After 40 plus years it was finally released 2 weeks ago, but I will save that for another day. This morning I will pontificate on coffee. Actually you could say that coffee is what powers my posts most mornings! Is pontificate too strong a word when talking about coffee? I guess I could sermonize about it. Is sermonize a real word? It must be because spell check didn't flag it...granted they do spell check 'awesomesauce,' which is a real word.

You know I like coffee. A doctor would most likely say I'm addicted to it. But addicted is such a strong word. So, I shall use the phrase (I can't get out of bed without it). There, that's MUCH better (I'm talking myself into THINKING it's better. I can talk myself into many things. Such as 'that dress looks great' and Don Ho is a musical genius. But, back to coffee...

I wondered what would make the world a happier (and jittery) place? Free coffee. I think that every place of work (ironically abbreviated as POW...) should have a coffee pot and make it available to each employee and everyone who stops in. Of course they may stop in because they have free coffee, but hey, what a great ploy to get people to stop by. This idea should be added to every library, doctors office, gas station, basically everywhere. Wouldn't that make the world and the people in it happier, more peaceful and probably more productive? Yes, until the caffeine rush is gone, but then we could all sleep from about 2pm on. BWAHAHAHA.

And please do not worry about Starbucks. They'll still have people who pay for their coffee. Because, ya know, Starbucks is the world's oldest profession...(oops, pardon the reference.) There was even a Starbucks in the Bible!! I'm sure it's in there. Well, there was probably one in there. OK, it's 50/50 that it mentions one.

There are other things that could be offered with the free coffee. Wouldn't the world be that much more happy with free lobster, bacon or cheese? Or, all 3. Perhaps they could pay somebody to give back rubs (I don't like them, but I am writing this post for all of YOU..). Yes, that's a great idea. If every place in the world gave out free back rubs and cups of java, they would be helping out the world's economic crisis. That would be at least one more paid person at EVERY business. Except for me (because I care about YOU), I would do it for free...

PS. I started ads on my blog...I wonder what ads will appear with this post :)


Patti said...

Free is good. Coffee is good. Put them together and you have pure greatness. ;-)

I have two $10 Starbucks gift cards. Jealous?

I don't really even like Starbucks, but I guess I'll force myself.

I much prefer a neck and shoulder rub over a back rub any day.

Thanks for the smiles, Michael C.

Anonymous said...

I think every workplace should have free coffee. It's the American thing to do.