Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What a Great Fall Morning!!

It's windy and cold and I've got Christmas music playing and I'm drinking my coffee and the baby is watching cartoons. It's the perfect morning. Well almost. The baby is watching Barney. And my baby isn't really a baby anymore...but, I've got the Christmas music and coffee, so it's all worth it.

Oh, and I've got my lady leg lamp from A Christmas Story set up by the computer. Actually, it's always by my computer. It's giving off the 'soft glow of electric sex.' Well, the soft glow of a midget because it's the smaller version. I'm writing today because the twins will be off from school the next 2 days. While that is exciting, it's also scary. What am I gonna do with three children by myself and I can't drive anywhere. Seriously, what am I gonna do??!!! :)

I thought about writing this post on my new favorite kitchen appliance, my French Coffee Press, but I not sure that something without a chord to plug in qualifies as a kitchen 'appliance.' It's my new favorite kitchen gadget, that's fo sho!! I think that means 'for sure' or 'for show' or possibly 'for shoe.' I'll let you decide.

But anywho, back to my French Press, which actually was made in China. But I think a China Press is a wrestling dum dum. This is the way to drink a cup of joe!!! And I love the crema (the foam on it). I think I like it because it's the olden way to do it. Like back in the 70s. 1870s?? And it's like coffee that I can actually produce. Well not the beans, but I push the lever and add the water. Altho, when I get a coffee grinder, I'll even have more to do in the making of a good cup of coffee.

If you can't tell, I really had nothing to say in this blog post. It's funny that having nothing to say actually took me 5 paragraphs to say it!! So, I will return to my great morning and my Chinese French Press. Now off to get a coffee grinder and the other long lost kitchen appliance I want...a deepfryer!!!


Life and Adventures with the Tavernier Family said...

I LOVE IT! Totally willing to lend a hand if you need it this week give me holler :)

meleah rebeccah said...

Christmas music, coffee, and a leg lamp = perfection.

Awesome Mom said...

You should teach the twins to do something like how to scrub the floors or other menial tasks, that is what kids are for any way. :P

Anonymous said...

If I didn't just have a couple of cuppas of joe, I'd be so jealous reading this.