Saturday, October 27, 2007

Things I Learned This Week: 10/27/07

Because I want to spare you from experiencing some of the things I endured over the last few days, I post “Things I Learned This Week” each Saturday. I hope that knowing about at least one item on this list will make your upcoming week much easier.

! I learned that taking a hiatus from blogging just leaves me with more time for stuff like bathing small children, doing the yards, doing laundry and ‘working’ in the office. I may actually strike the word ‘hiatus’ from my vocabulary now.

! I learned that telling my parents they should never have moved to the mountains is better left unsaid when the same mountains are burning.

! I learned that going to 4 Target stores in an attempt to find my boss the replica of Michael Scott’s ‘Worlds Best Boss’ coffee mug for Boss’ Day has earned me a title I would rather not have.

! I learned that when I am running low on contact lenses, I can take Wal-Mart up on their offer of a free trial pair of colored lenses. I have already warned my coworkers that if I show up one day with cat eyes or bright blue eyes that it’s because I ran out of lenses and didn’t feel like ordering more.

! I learned that no metal stakes in the world are strong enough to hold down a 350 pound bounce house full of little kids when the wind is gusting about 60 miles per hour. The front of the bounce house lifted up like a hinged trash can lid and my backyard sounded like a roller coaster. I also learned that when the bounce house has been deflated and all of the children take to playing in Lucy and Ethel’s play set area that young kids cannot resist picking up and throwing the expensive rubberized faux bark pieces everywhere. Yeah, I don’t think I’m throwing a birthday party again. Getting ready for it was too much work and work and party should never need to be us
ed in the same sentence.

! I learned that walking up to the dairy section of the store and pulling out eggnog is a guaranteed way to get people’s attention. Telling the same people asking me about why I am getting eggnog in October that ‘oh, I do this every year,’ is a guaranteed way to make them look at me funny, mumble and then walk away.

And lastly,

! I learned that leaving work in the middle of the day to go into L.A. to get Clippers tickets is only a good idea when your boss is actually out of town and cell phone range like you were told he was.

This is a photo of a pumpkin pie that I made...out of real pumpkin...with spices and crust and stuff. All who tasted it says it was good and tastes just like pumpkin pie. I honestly did not see that coming. Perhaps I shall make more...and sell them. So, what's the going rate for pumpkin pies these days? About $35 for the whole pie, I'm hoping...

***Podcast Alert***
Yeah, I posted a new podcast for Halloween. Would you listen if I bribed you by saying Lucy and Ethel sing in it? Ok then, Lucy and Ethel sing in the podcast that can be heard here.


AndreAnna said...

Everyone needs a break! Glad you got some stuff done and didn't die from a bounce-house related injury.

marsha said...

Good to know!!! I blog so I don't have to do housework. Besides I read somewhere to day that messy people are usually the most creative!!!

Patti said...

Good idea striking the word hiatus from your vocabulary...just take a day off here and there. We'll understand.

You don't have to do a big post. Cheat like I do and post a comic or some jokes, to keep them coming back for more. But on second thought maybe that is beneath your high standards...

MininaBurbuja said...

Hi! Nice blog, I like your humor. If you can read spanish, feel free to visit me at if not i`ll still be around `cause yuo`re a lot of fun!


Michael C said...

AA: Thanks! I should have taken a break long ago!!

Marsha: Well that is indeed good news.

Patti: Believe me, my standards are not high and nothing is below me ;-)

Mininaurbuja: Thanks for visiting. I'll hit your blog, but I should warn you, I can barely speak English ;-)

Patti said...

Michael, the pie looks scrumptious.
- and perfectly pumpkin-y

Odat said...

Well I'm glad to see you back posting things you've learned...phew...cause I really need these examples so I won't do the same things...hehe.

And that pie looks perfect!! I'm impressed!


Open Grove Claudia said...

Bouncy house + 60 mph wind = disaster. Really? Who knew?

I agree with you about the mountain thing. I say, "when I was a kid they let the fires burn, like they have for millennium". Surprisingly people think I'm unsympathetic.

Airam said...

I learned that I can't hold down as much candy as I used to be able to.

Airam said...

And that pie looks wicked good!

Tink said...

The girls have beautiful voices. Loved hearing them sing the little song. You pie looks scrumptious and that is saying something coming from someone who doesn't eat pumpkin pies, LOL. Happy Halloween to you and the family.

kat said...

Reading your blog gives me such joy. No more hiatus for you EVER! Unless I am out of town and get here for a week - like this week!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Need help. Send pie.

meleah rebeccah said...

mmmmmm. Pie.

Yeah, when your not 'blogging' people expect you do do OTHER things with that time. It is better to blog than wash dishes.

I am sorry the wind thwarted your sleep in the bounce house plans, cuz I was looking forward to hearing about that.

Glad the girls had a good party, and you survived, but I can only imagine the WORK involved.

(now off to your podcast)

FRIGGA said...

Next time I wanna come play in the unhinged bounce house!!! Sad as it is I actually laughed when I read what you told your parents - but I have that right because I went through it too!! :P