Sunday, August 17, 2008

It’s The Day For Q&A. Yay!

I really do like rhyming. I won’t go so far as to say I bust a mad rhyme, partially because I have no idea what that means, but I do enjoy it. It’s Monday again and what better way to get back into that workweek mode than some questions and answers. I find its structured format perfect for preparing me to put my dreams aside and obey someone else’s commands. With that said, let’s get started!

As usual, please don’t repeat my answers, mostly because I did not research them, but also because I’m writing these at night this time and made the mistake of taking my prescribed sleeping aid BEFORE I sat down to type. Actually, that illustrates another reason why you should not repeat my answers or use the “knowledge” gained from them to impress your friends: I’m not that bright. Seriously, my dimmer switch is set way down towards the low position, almost off. Oh yeah, one other thing, I usually overlook someone’s submitted question because of my faulty filing and organization skills, which is spelled ‘organisation’ in some countries. See, you just learned something right there. Too bad you can’t repeat it to anyone…

This week’s first question is from
Wonderful World of Weiners (it’s cool you can check it out, it’s safe for work…and VERY fun stuff to read!). Hallie asks ‘which Muppet is Your Favorite?’
I would have to go with Fozzie Bear (who always reminds me of Ralph Malf on Happy Days. Right? Seriously, I can’t be the only one), followed closely by Gonzo. I just like Gonzo’s attitude. I’d put Kermit higher up on the list, but Miss Piggy has really messed him up. I also really like Beaker; I just have no idea what he is saying. And he’s tall. I am jealous of the height endowed.

Next up is
Employee No. 3699, who asks ‘What in the Wonderful World happened to Window Wednesdays or Wednesdays with Windows or whatever that was?’
Remember that thing where I said that this WOULD NOT be a cheap gimmick to get more hits and give me a blog post idea at the same time? Ok, I have to be honest about that. It still wasn’t about that, I just love building up the suspense and it sounds so much better than my actual answer, which is: I keep forgetting to print a window picture that was sent to me. I’m pretty sure having to answer to you will make me remember this week. Call it hunch, but I’m feeling pretty sure about that, like Phelps-winning-type-sure.

Ralph stopped by for a question this week, a question that I shall delight in answering because it is about something I love so much, it might as well be my third child. Ralph’s question is ‘Since your heart sometimes aims in the direction of Downeast Maine. I have a lobster question: What constituted a true lobster roll in your opinion? Is it:
- Pieces of lobster claw and tails sautéed in lots of butter stuffed into a toasted New England hot dog roll?

- A lobster salad shredded and blended with chopped celery and mayo in the same toasted roll? Both are great, but is one or the other the 'true' lobster roll?"
Well Ralph, I’ve often wondered that myself, because of the love I feel for it and all. I’ve often assumed that the ‘true’ lobster roll, or ‘delicacy of the gods,’ which is how it should appropriately be referred to, is the second one you listed. While I heart Mayo, as the cool kids say (or at least they were saying that last year), I don’t heart celery in the same way that septic tank owners don’t heart backups and leaks. And let’s be honest here, clarified butter would make an old Goodyear taste yummy. So, for me the butter sautéed lobster roll is the real deal. I just hope my preference doesn’t make everyone in Maine hate me when I finally move there. That might be awkward.

Aislinge had questions of truly Olympic proportions this week. Ok, they were questions about the Olympics. After rereading that I’m pretty sure they do not actually mean the same thing. She asked ‘What is your favorite summer Olympic event and why? What did you think of: 1. The men's 4x100m race where the US team won the gold by 8/100s of a second and the French lost by that amount? 2. The Chinese women's gymnastic team (the term "women" here is apparently used quite loosely) - comprised of mostly what looks like 12-year-olds? 3. The bronze medalist for (I think) wrestling, who seriously felt he should have the gold and threw down the bronze in disgust and was shipped home? 4. London's hosting the 2012 Olympic Summer Games: will they or won't they try to outdo the Chinese for Opening Ceremony glamour/amazing-ness?'
Ok, my favorite sport is a hard one to name. I really do LOVE the Olympics and am basically glued to the TV 24/7 during the two week period of the games. The athletes are so amazing in terms of ability, physique and the training regimens used to get them to the games. Obviously I enjoy watching our NBA stars play and have always enjoyed the swimming and running but honestly, the rowing, sailing, marathons and whitewater kayaking are my favorites. But again, remember that part earlier where I tried to appease everyone and say that I like all of the sports, although I really don’t ‘get’ gymnastics, but do appreciate the gymnasts amazing athletic ability.

The mens’ relay race was amazing and the fact that we beat the country that bad mouthed us makes it all that much sweeter. What makes me chuckle now (because yes, I do actually have the chuckle gene) is how large that margin of error is compared to Phelps’ fingertip win the other night. I’m not sure what to think of China’s almost-women gymnasts. Gymnists have often had small statures (seriously, Mary Lou Retton makes me look like Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Well, that may not be entirely accurate, but it’s my blog), but their faces made them look very young, which isn’t fair to anyone, including the young girls who have been forced onto the Olympic stage at such a relatively young age, if they are indeed younger than the age limit.

I thought what the bronze medallist did was about as dumb as the idea of introducing New Coke was, or to use a more recent analogy, it was as dumb as me blogging at work…about work. Apparently yesterday he was stripped of the medal, which is what he deserved since he clearly didn’t want it anyway. Think of how many other athletes would have gladly traded places with him! As far as the officials in London having to equal the Beijing Opening Ceremonies, I’m pretty sure they are all sitting around thinking ‘Oh bloody hell!’ Although they might be doing so over a cup of tea, which I’m sure makes it much more bearable. And speaking of the Olympics, part of me looks forward to them being over (albeit a very small part, like my pinky toe) so I can get back to blogging at night instead of watching 6 hours of Olympic coverage.

Last up this week is
Patti. She asks ‘why is it called "the World Series" when it only involves teams from the USA, except maybe sometimes Canada?’
Well, back when the World Series was started in baseball, we had no idea there were other continents and countries, with the exceptions of Canada and Mexico. This meant that we truly thought our teams were playing in a World Series. Wait, that might not be completely accurate. I may have to revisit that whole ‘no-research’ part when I do these things every Monday…

Ok folks, that’s it for this week. Thanks for your questions about Q&A today and feel free to send more my way. Oh hey, there's that rhyming thing again.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Awesome answers. And Fozzu DOES rock the Muppet world!!


Patti said...

Thanks for clearing that mystery up for me. I won't watch it anyway, but I am watching our local team compete in the Little League World Series. They lost the first game, but won the second! Go team!

Never fear, after the Olympics are over we get to watch non-stop coverage of two political conventions. (barf)

Did I say barf? How unbecoming a woman of my age and status. Actually I will watch parts of them, just so I know what's going on in the world out there.

Q for next Monday: I know this is a bit personal, Michael, but since you brought up the topic here, how tall are you?

Thanks for getting my week off to a good start once again.

Selma said...

I loved Gonzo and the Swedish chef. But Fozzie was cool too!

Sunshine said...

Mark me down for Gonzo.

And, your Olympic answers were spot on, especially the dude getting his medal stripped and the Chinese gymnasts looking incredibly younger than the 16 requirement.

Now, Gonzo doing gymnastics - I'm there.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Okay, looking forward to another window picture. I myself would prefer a door, that I could picture myself using whenever I felt like leaving work...which would be all the time, so nevermind.

Q&A for next Monday. How did you get caught blogging at work? If you wrote about work, did any co-workers read it and what kind of stuff did they read?

E said...

FYI - the Chinese "women" are not really women. It is so disheartening to me to see these girls, who see their parents once a year, pushed on to the world stage.

That sound you hear is me stepping down off my soap box. (Which by the way is a really funny saying considering my soap comes in a REALLY little box. Did it used to come in bigger boxes or what is the deal with that saying?)

citizen of the world said...

Oh. My. God. You direct me to the "safe" site of Wonderful World of Weiners, and I am immediately assualted with the most horrifying pictures of men's breasts I have ever seen. Why, Michael, why?

meleah rebeccah said...

these Q & A sessions always crack me up. your answers are ALWAYS sofa king cleaver and funny.

Fozzie Bear is my muppet hero. Aside from Animal (The drummer)

meleah rebeccah said...

and yeah...when are you posting the windows that everyone sent you for your cubical?

Mel Heth said...

I hope someone sent you a window that included a view of lobsters.

Patti said...

I didn't send you a window because I missed a few posts. Must catch up.

Aislínge said...

Hiya, Michael!

As usual, you have managed to tickle my funny bone with your responses to the Olympic questions that I sent you.

Unfortunately, I am still on Wednesday of last week watching the Olympics, since it is slow going to try to fit in the ten or twelve hours of new footage per day! I watched many, many hours of this on the weekend, but during the week I fall way behind. However, I'm on call tonight, so I hope to catch up to the last weekend...

The Asian women make ME look like Kareem Abdul Jabar... Mary Lou Retton is under 5' tall but there was no doubt that she was 16 or older. The Asian gymnasts? That is a tough sell.

Of course, by now, Michael Phelps has eight (possibly more) gold medals and I'm sure the other swimmers are all thinking that they should just give up now if he's in the race. But he is something else to watch in the water.

I think you may want to rethink your answer to the World Series question... :)