Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time To Play…For Pay!!

I am excited to share with you that Thursday is Recess At Work Day. There is a really good chance, like over 100%, that I wrote about this last June, but I am going to resist the temptation to just repost that story. Although, I’d get bonus points for recycling and going green. As you may or may not be aware, I am not overly fond of having to eek out a living by being a cubicle dwelling, tie wearing, corporate crony. I guess that’s like me saying that you may or may not be aware that Britney Spears has some mental issues. I just like to state the obvious without appearing as though I am stating the obvious. For instance, when it is raining and we are all standing in it, I like to say that the chance for precipitation is very high. It’s a true fact and suggests the obvious without overtly stating it. I’ve got another one: I have the tendencies of an idiot. It’s like stating I’m an idiot without saying I’m an idiot. Now, I have drifted off course, which is odd given that fact that I planned on writing about playtime at work.

So back to the playtime thing. Isn’t recess at work a great idea? I most certainly should be done more than once a year, that’s for sure. Oh crap, I just stated the obvious in an obvious way, but we are talking about recess at work. I for one miss recess. Yes, it was my favorite time at school. I’m still not sure why it’s done away with by the time kids get to Junior High and High School. I’m not saying we needed swings on my high school campus or a sandbox (which would just have become a public litter box for all the strays in the neighborhood. I’m talking about cats, not people), but some break time longer than lunch or going from one class to the next would have been nice. I’m pretty sure if you go back to the original notes and drafts of the Declaration of Independence you will find a crossed out reference to recess being a fundamental and unalienable right. In fact, maybe if the Founding Fathers had kept that phrase in the Declaration, it would not have contained annoyingly big words like unalienable. My point: recess should be a lifelong daily observance, just like naps. Lucy and Ethel find it so hard to believe that a day will come when they will actually WANT to take naps. Recess in America should be like teatime in Britain or a pound of butter in a Paula Deen recipe. It just wouldn’t be the same without it.

At my office, we don’t have a lot of big, wide open ‘safe’ spaces in which to play and we have no grass. But, there is a small area out back where the smokers hang out that could easily accommodate recess. Now I realize that dodgeball or duck, duck goose would be the most obvious things to do during recess, but we are all grown ups and those games wouldn’t fly with a few in our office. For the record, I have no problem with it. After all, my job is stressful and what would relieve that stress more than intentionally getting to throw an over inflated ball directly at a coworker’s face?

I’m thinking our grown up workplace recess will require a hotdog vendor with his own cart and maybe a guy with a fondue cart and one with a snowcone machine. And yes, that is my plan for Lucy or Ethel’s backyard wedding when that time comes. Oh, and recess will require a cappuccino maker for the more ‘fancy’ and ‘mature’ people in my office who look down at us snowcone slurpers with disdain. I don’t mind giving them the cappuccino maker, because they are the ones I’ll be aiming for when we start dodgeball. Although, can THEY sue ME if I hit THEM with a ball while THEY are consuming a hot frothy beverage? I’d ask HR for some direction on this possibly contentious issue, but I fear they’d nix the whole thing as soon as I got to the part where I say ‘ok, imagine everyone out behind the office visiting and playing for 20-30 minutes each morning and afternoon…’

I used to regularly observe my own recess at work. I didn’t want to draw attention to it though so I didn’t call it ‘recess’ (remember that whole stating the obvious thing?). I called it ‘blogging.’ Then I got caught (or ‘sent to the principal’s office’) and had to stop. Now the closest thing I get to recess is when I plug in my Ipod’s headphones and hide under my desk for 30 minutes for so. No, I’m kidding. I only do that during fire and earthquake drills.

I am eagerly looking forward to tomorrow’s Recess At Work Day. I just can’t decide between hiring a bounce house or those big inflatable water slides with attached kiddy pool. It’s going to be hot again, so I’d better go with the water slide. But I swear that if during our recess the guy in the cubicle across from me asks me to deliver a love note to the woman in the cubicle next to me, I am going to charge him standard ground shipping rates if I miss my turn on the slide!


citizen of the world said...

Just catching up after a busy stretch of time. I always enjoy your posts. And I want to be paid to play.

Eva said...

What a swell idea!! I'm setting up a tether ball pole in our parking lot tomorrow. And a see-saw. Those are fun.

Have a great time at work tomorrow! Don't drip sno cone syrup on your tie!

Hannah said...

"Joanie Loves Chachi!!"

Hmmm, that’s hard. Playing Dodge Ball gives you an excuse to quote the movie all day. But you don't really need an excuse to do that. It’s fun anytime. And it also gives you an excuse to throw balls at people who are irritating or make work life hard.

I agree with you though, with this heat it's all about the water slide.

Snow Cone machine maybe?

Have fun tomorrow :)

“Go balls deep!”

Employee No. 3699 said...

Imagine my co-workers' surprise when I showed up at work this morning with a hula-hoop and some sidewalk chalk. Apparently they were unaware that today is Recess At Work Day.

I'm thinking of using the chalk to draw an extra parking space, as I usually lose mine if I leave for lunch.

Have a good one.


Ralph said...

For you, I thought that is was Recess From work day. If you weren't there, you wouldn't need to be the target of a flying dodgeball which seems the opposite of a 'relaxing' time.

Unless, of course, management and/or supervision could be included as targets of said dodgeball. That could be a truly cathartic experience.

And shouldn't Recess include cold (unnamed) frothy beverages instead of hot frothy ones? It is time to relax, you know!

Candace said...

Ooooh! I think that's a great idea! I wonder if we'll get to play dodgeball at TKD tonight. I'll have to be sure to let the littles do so if I end up teaching their class. :)

Patti said...

After you get done playing dodge ball you should all go patronize that Mexican restaurant across the parking lot from your building.

I hope the afternoon is going well; don't over-exert with all those games at recess.

Mel Heth said...

I feel cruel even telling you this, but my work has a bocci ball court, a pool table, foosball, a human-sized chess board, and a free coffee bar. We can take recess any time we want. And my desk is made of candy canes. Okay, maybe not that last part...

I like the fondue cart idea A LOT.

The Big Kid said...

Keep playing Kids! And make it a regular thing; then every June we can celebrate together!

Rich DiGirolamo
Founder, Recess At Work Day

meleah rebeccah said...

Too Funny.

magickat said...

I am so behind on your blog so I am grateful that it is in re-runs this week!

Recess at work is a super smart idea and playing dodgeball just makes the idea that much more brilliant. I bet there would be less stress in the office that way.

Your posts are always so fun. I have to return to catching up on them now!