Saturday, March 03, 2007

Things I Learned This Week: 3/3/07

Because I want to spare you from experiencing some of the things I endured over the last few days, I post “Things I Learned This Week” each Saturday. It’s educational, sometimes insightful and for some reason, always makes me look pathetic. I hope that knowing about at least one item on this list will make your upcoming week much easier. So here are the “Things I Learned This Week” for the week of 2/26/07-3/3/07.

! I learned to be mindful of where the extension cord is at all times when using the grass edger.

! I learned that when I give Lucy and Ethel cookies before bedtime with the understanding that it’s a secret, I will always be ratted out by them.

! I learned that a $5 soda at the speedway really does taste better than the $1.99 one at the fast food chain. Of course, I had been sitting out in the sun all day.

! I learned that I should avoid slicing my hand open when on blood thinners. Now I know the difference between coagulation and anti-coagulation.

! I learned that just because they sell a whole rack of ribs does not mean they intend for you to eat it all at one sitting.

! I learned that I should not complain when asked to fill out 50 DHL overnight packing slips at work because I’m getting paid a heck of a lot more to do it now compared to when I was an intern.

And lastly,

! I learned that when female coworker drives me to lunch, I should comment on how poorly we all think she drives after she has driven us back to work. Otherwise, it is a long walk from the hot dog place to the office.


Stewart Sternberg said...

Some lessons are more useful than others.

Odat said...

Lucy and Ethel sound sooo cute...hehe...

CSL said...

Children will rat you out every single time. Even if you've just done somehting nice for them. Little weasels. Good thing we love 'em so much.

Violet said...

About the bad-driving lesson, if she's dangerously bad, then making the comment early on could save your life.

Pickled Olives said...

All very good lessons to learn. So, how is that school of hard knocks going?

Mimi Lenox said...

Why do men insist on backseat driving instructions even when they're in the front seat???

Mimi Lenox said...
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Abigail S said...

Sounds like a very educational week!

If I ever go on blood thinners, I'll try to remember not to slice any part of me!