Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today is...National Lazy Day!!

I don't why it's a national holiday. There is nothing indicating that it is...no Presidential proclamations or anything like that (I guess it would be bad for a President to declare a day for laziness...) But at any rate, it's National Lazy Day.

I think the day is timely. The twins start school tomorrow, so what better thing to do today than be lazy? The girls are playing Wii right now – in their underwear! Now that is lazy. I slept in until 9:30, that's lazy too. The baby is napping, yep, lazy.

I actually thought I would have more say. Laziness has permeated my mind. I was going to tell you what the perfect lazy day would be, complete with a how-to guide. I was even going to photograph my hammock. But I'm just to lazy to do that.

So, I will just sit here surfing the web and drinking my liquid crack (that's coffee) and let the day pass me by. Oh, and it's S'mores Day too. The girls have asked me to make some s'mores. I don't know. There's the chocolate, and graham crackers and the marshmallow...it seems like to much work for Lazy Day.


Ash said...

I'd be delighted if President Obama officially sanctioned National Lazy Day! We'd celebrate it in the grand style of being in a stupor in your favourite place. Mine is my hammock. Laziness just isn't laziness without a hammock!

xl pharmacy said...

I think that it is great that there is day like that because with the stress that I have where I work. I need the most amount of free day to let it out of my system.