Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It is Bad Poetry Day

The intraweb informed that it was Bad Poetry Day. Rhyming has become difficult after the stroke. Both writing it and saying it. I literally stand there as just an empty container when I try to rhyme. But since it is Bad Poetry Day, I will attempt some poor prose...

It is Bad Poetry Day
I guess it makes what am I about say

That was bad
And actually, kind of sad
It makes my rhyming
Simply mystifying

I should put a stop to this now
But how?

Do I end a poor piece of prose the right way?
What is fitting?
To say, I am quitting?

That would not be appropriate.
So I am going to leave you all with this:

See ya
Wouldn't want to be ya
Actually, if you can drive
I'll trade places with ya

Wait, I used 'ya' twice!
So I'll just end with...
I hope your day is nice!!!

That took me 30 minutes
To just rhyme a bunch of words together
Perhaps I should have spent that time
Sewing a sweater

But it's hot out
So I will leave that for the Fall.

That is all...


Anonymous said...

Just in case you don't already know this approach to writing rhymes, you might find this helpful:

To find rhyming words, don't jump to the second line and hope for some random way to make it rhyme.

Instead, after you write your first line, mentally go through the alphabet with the word you want to rhyme, checking with each letter for a real word.

This will give you a lot of choices. Your rhymes will probably improve.

I wish I really liked my rhymes.
(dimes, limes, mimes, times)
That gives you several choices.

If you like, you can also try consonant blends:
(chimes, climbs, grimes, primes)

Remember that it's sound, not spelling--climbs is just as good as primes.

Possible results for
I really wish I liked my rhymes:
(okay, neither of us is Shakespeare, but you can quite quickly come up with results like these)

I love to hear the verbal chimes.
This happens many, many times.
I like the way my talent climbs.
My lemony poems are now more like limes.


Michael C said...

Thanks Anne!!

secret agent woman said...

According to a book I read on neuroplasticity, with each effort you make at writing (prose or poetry) you are laying down new neural pathways to replace ones lost in the CVA. SO keep writing, we'll keep reading.

Ash said...

I loved it. You actually know the rules of Haiku, which is surprising. No one seems to know this stuff anymore!

Anonymous said...

Hi man,
Sorry to have not come by for so long and sorry to learn about the stroke. But it is good to see that your humor still shines and I am sure will help you in your recovery. Your poem sucks so much that it is cool.

I have moved to new digs at wordpress.

Michael C said...

Secret Agent Woman: Really? That is good to know!!!

Ash: Thanks

LGSquirrel: I had stopped blogging before the stroke. So your timing now is impeccable! ;-)