Friday, August 06, 2010

Old Photos

Since I really don't have my sense of humor back (dang, stroke) but I wanted to write, this is what I have to offer. It's weird that I used to write like it was taking bacon from a piglet, but now I want to write and nothing comes to mind. It feels like a prison, but I assume that the more I write it will come back to me...I hope.

I was looking through some old Library of Congress photos that a friend linked to on Facebook and there was one that stood out...the picture I used as this blog post's photo. I had seen it before on the Library of Congress's website. It was of a starch factory from Aroostook County, Maine in 1940. My grandparents were from Aroostook County, Maine near Caribou and as a boy my grandfather picked potatoes and sent it to a factory just like like this, it may have been this one. One Christmas, my mom found an Aroostook potato sack in an antique gallery and gave it to him. It certainly brought back memories. That potato sack and these photos kind of bring back something lost.

That why I like old photos. Whether it be people, cars or locations, it's kind of neat to see something that's gone forever...I want to say more but the thoughts are just jumbled in my head. That's why I keep writing, to train my brain to work like it used to.


sari said...

I like to look at old photos in antique stores but it makes me kind of sad sometimes that they're there.

Does that make sense?

(PS I think you've still got your sense of humor, that didn't go away).

Michael C said...

Sari: It makes total sense!!!

C said...

You are writing well. Just increase as time goes by and you'll be back where you were before you know it.

Michael C said...

C: I hope so :-)

LesleyG said...

I say this in the most serious understanding way possible, I think training and retraining when it comes to writing is something any writer should do, especially humor writers. In that respec, you're doing everything right.

You're still funny. Derelict.

:) :)

Michael C said...

Derelict, I see you know the word on the street!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writing and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I just read a book by John Connelly (The Killing Kind) which featured "the Aroostook Baptists" and though fictional, had some interesting history of the area. Not recommending the book, but thought it an odd coincidence to come across this small town twice in the same day.

Ash said...


Your brain is already doing much more than most people's do after a stroke. It will come back. I read the last two posts and they read wonderfully! It takes time and patience, and if you are anything like me, patience is the hard part. I am not and never will be, noted for my patience.

But that piece of you is there, and when your brain rebuilds those paths again, out it will come!


Anonymous said...

The old potato sack sounds neat.