Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random Stuff And Such Friday

* How do you not laugh when your children are given stuffed toy monkeys and ask you the follow morning when you wake up if you will ‘play with their monkey?’ Come on, it’s not just me, right?

* Why is it that driving on company time is such a pleasant experience? I’ve also noticed I drive much slower when I am driving on company time and am returning to the office afterwards.

* It’s time to watch what you say when your daughter gets into the pool and yells, “It’s so freakin’ cold!” Bonus points for her using it correctly and nailing the enunciation though.

* There isn’t much you can say to your boss in defense of him finding you taking a picture of your cubicle wall in the middle of the day. And I HIGHLY recommend against telling him that it’s part of a project for your blog.

* Does anyone else ever hear songs they recognize when the fax machine is auto-dialing? Moreover, does anyone else ever find themselves humming or singing the song they thought they heard while the fax machine was auto-dialing?

* I wish Facebook would make Flair for my office. Then maybe I wouldn’t be so desperate for windows. I would however become far less productive. Well, far less productive than my current level, which is sort of like comparing a negative number to another negative number.

* Ms. I Want To Go To Mime School came into my office the other day and declared that her ‘stress ball’ was missing. She turned right around and left when I started giggling like a 12-year-old schoolgirl. I think it was her use of the word ‘ball’ or her saying, ‘I checked my drawers’ that got to me. I’ve been waiting for HR to call ever since.

* Not that I am going to self-publish my writings into a book, but if I did, what would be the better title: ‘I’m An Idiot And No One Contests That Fact (Which Makes Me Feel Like Even More Of One)’ or ‘How To Survive Global Warming And A Nuclear Holocaust (By Buying This Book)’?

***This is the part where I wish you all a great weekend AND beg plead remind you to send in your questions for Q&A Monday. Have a great weekend!!


Eva said...

My comments, in proper order:
It's just you.
I wouldn't know.
Good to know!
Yes. Yes!
Me too! & That's probably true for you, but not applicable to me, as you know. :)
I imagine Ms. IWTGTMS looks like the HR lady in Office Space. Does she wear a quilted vest?
I think the first title, because you should write what you know. (oooh, BURN!) Just kiddin' buddy. :)
p.s. Happy Friday to ya!

Just telling it like it is said...

I giggle like a 12 yr old school girl when i have old balls in my hands of coarse I try and hold it back untill i get out of the room but that is not always the case then I just say cough...
Is that so wrong??

Selma said...

So why were you taking a photo of the cubicle wall? Was it something to do with the stress ball?
Have a great weekend!

chefmom said...

I would have cracked up when Ms. IWTGTMS said those things! NO, I don't sing to the fax maxhine and yes, I think it's a riot that your duaghter got the right terminolgy for it's "freakin' cold!!

Employee No. 3699 said...

Would you rather your toenails grew at a rate of 1" per without cheese?

Would you rather have a window in your cubicle or work 15 minutes less per day?

Would you rather title your book "I'm An Idiot And No One Contests That Fact" or "How To Survive Global Warming And A Nuclear Holocaust (By Buying This Book)?"...nothing like throwing your question right back at ya!!

Mel Heth said...

That is hilarious your daughter dropped "freakin'." (Hmm I don't know if I just punctuated properly there.)

I don't know about the fax machine songs, but we always joke around about playing cell phone ring bingo at my work.

I like the first title better. Made me laugh harder.

You have a great weekend too!

Best Bud's wife said...

Why would anyone eat haggis? Where do they get the meat for mince meat pies? Won't you be my neighbor? Have you ever done anything evil....I mean eeevil. Like, the froo-its of the devill...eeevil? Who's Ralph?

meleah rebeccah said...

‘I’m An Idiot And No One Contests That Fact (Which Makes Me Feel Like Even More Of One)’

Run with that one.

I think your daughter is going to be alot like her father when she goes up. And thats a good thing!

have a great weekend.

sari said...

We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner a few years ago and my son ordered spagetti (he was about 8). When the waitress asked him if he wanted meat sauce or balls, you should have seen the reaction. It was like Beavis and Butthead were at our table, with him and his little brother.

I still laugh at it, the waitress had to walk away we were laughing so hard.

Patti said...

Re your daughter: Monkey see, monkey do!
I love that she said "freakin'".
I highly doubt your mother would love that, though.

A question: Why do people only offer others a penny for their thoughts? With inflation factored in, shouldn't that be at least $20?

I must go back into archives to catch up on your blog. I shall be doing that!

citizen of the world said...

I'd definitely laugh at my kid about the monkey thing. And probably about the stressball, too. But I'm not sure how many of ever really mature past the 12 year old level.

E said...

Dang it all, I missed Q&A Monday! I will reserve my questions for the next Q&A day. By the way, why don't you print out your flair board and post it in your cube?