Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Up Too Dang Early

I'm am up too early
Maybe that's cuz I keep repeating “I'm up to early” in my head
Then I thought I would write that down

So, here I am
I wrote it down
But I need more lines
To attempt to pass this off
As a pseudo-poem.

I could blame me being up since the sun was shining
But in fact, the sun isn’t anywhere to be seen
Because it's raining
I can't blame my alarm clock
Because it wasn't set to go off yet

So, I guess I can't blame it on anything
Which is unfortunate
Because I like blaming other people
That was a joke
Not a good joke
But a joke nonetheless

I haven't even come close to rhyming in this writing
Actually, that was a rhyme, kind of
So, I will end this attempt at writing a poem

I will brew some coffee
And be ready for a nap
In about 30 minutes
Because I got up too early!!!


meleah rebeccah said...

Oh Michael! You do get up too early!

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I tried to get up early to have time to do some things before going to work but I hate when I woke up early on weekends. Because it is hard to get early to go to work but I can wake up earlier on weekend.