Monday, February 12, 2018

My 353rd Try At Becoming A Blogger, Again!

I think that title made sense. Anyway, I am trying to blog again. I used to love blogging and it was my creative outlet. Nowadays my creative outlet is me yelling at the TV while watching Hawaii 5-0. Clearly, I need more to stimulate me. So, I’m going to list a bunch of hashtags that you never see. If one speaks to you, by all means, start using it! As a warning, I’m new to hashtags. Here is my list of hastags (man, I’m using that word a lot) you never see.

#CurlingAsASwearWord – Have YOU ever used the word “curling” as a cuss word. I thought not.

#TheyShouldMakeHawaiianShirtsInFlannelForPeopleThatGetColdEasilyButStillLikeToWearThatTropicalLiefestyle – I was putting away a flannel shirt next to one of my Hawaiian shirts in the closet. Again, hashtags are new to me.

#TheWeirdestThingIHaveCleanedUpUsASchoolCustodian – The fewer time I spend on this one the better. Fingernails can be disgusting…

#IsBaconAThingYouPutIntoPancakes – Obviously the answer is YES!!

#WhyAreThereNoBluegrassRapAlbums – Seriously! I might actually listen to rap if there were.

#DenimsOverallsShouldMakeAFashionComeback – This was my New Years Resolution for the last 12 years. It gets pretty old having to repeat this one year after year.

#IWantADeepFryer – I do Nothing else needs to be said.

#YouWouldBeCloserToYourIdealWeightIfYouAteLess – But life wouldn’t be as much fun.

#AreHashTagsReallyJustSublimialThoughtsThatArentThatSublimial – Think about it.

#AreGifsTheEndOfSocietyAsWeKnowIt – I was just angry with gifs one day because I was having a hard time finding a gif for someone’s post.

#DidAbeLincolnReallyUseThatBoomBoxHeIsPicturedWith – Inquiring minds want to know!! 

So, there is my list and possibly the end of my 353rd attempt at restarting my blog…

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