Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 007 Things I've Learned From James Bond (Get it? I semi-crack myself up...)

So, I'm still walking up early which gives me the perfect opportunity to watched my James Bond Films. Doing so, I've learned a few things. Pour yourself a coffee – shaken not stirred - and join me. Be warned though, shaking a cup of coffee can have disastrous consequence. Like ruining a shirt. Or pants or the arm next you...

007. A large portion of the evil doers will end up dead. Just like 'red-shirts' on Star Trek.

006. Bond will always have something catchy to say after he sent someone to their death.

005. Bond will always have something catchy to say while he's...uh, 'disrobing' his female counterpart.

004. He will never make it on time to a meeting where his boss asks him to attend. This is usually because he is wrapping up #5 on this list.

003. Identifying who you are by saying your last name first is very cool. Saying it wearing tuxedo, uber cool!

002. It seems that the only game he plays is baccarat. Note to self, learn how to play baccarat.

And the 001 thing I've learned from James Bond...

All of the gadgets Bond gets to try will one day make it to the Sharper Image Catalog.

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LesleyG said...

Just as I'd always suspected: It's all tuxedos and catchy phrases. Pffft. Spy hero, my foot.