Monday, September 19, 2011

ARRRRRR, Or Whatever Matey

I am fully aware that I owe you a Randomocity day or at the very least, a new post. Spoiler Alert: That won't be happening today, but today's annual holiday HAD to be observed and fortunately I can steal from a past holiday post. So, hoist your mainsails and giddy up. Wait a minute, that's not right. I'll try it again. Yo yo yo, lemme show ya how to roll. There's no way that's correct. Set your reactions on stun, because today is...Ok, that's not even close and now I'll be branded a nerd.

I'll give it one last chance. Ya better be gettin' yer eye patch on because today be Talk Like A Pirate Day.....arrrrrrrr. So hoist your colors you bloomin' cockroaches. Don't forget to show 'em your "larboard" side. Use your best ole salty pirate phrases me hearties or ye be walkin' the plank. There, I think that did it. And to think they all laughed when I told them we'd learn something one day from all those rides on Pirates of the Caribbean! Yep, that is what I learned. Nonsensical dialogue that I get to use every September 19th. Uhhhhh, Matey. I forgot to talk like a pirate there.


meleah rebeccah said...

Oh I love Talk Like A Pirate Day!

"Aarrr t’is simple, get over there in ya roughest motley clothing and uncork ye finest rum.”

silverthoughts2 said...

Damn, that was today? No wonder people were talking to me funny today and looking at me like I was from another planet. Gotta remember for next year.

EMT Wench said...

NOW you'll be branded a nerd? Too late! We've known this for a very long time, my friend!

Ha, ha!


Life and Adventures with the Tavernier Family said...

I love it!

xlpharmacy said...

very but very funny picture I laugh so much thanks for sharing it