Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I Need To Stop At The White House To Make A Deposit

Looking to buy a piece of property? I heard about one in Georgia that might be appealing. It's a replica of...The White House. It was a bank that went out of business. It's 13,000 square feet but does not have an Oval Office. But it has a drive up window! The real White House doesn't have that.

You could have the White House with a touch of Elvis – you could install a Jungle Room. With the windows all in black and jungle print wallpaper. You won't get that in DC. Plus, you could shoot out the TVs when something you don't like is on.

Do you have something to tell your family or friends? You could tell them in the White House Press Room. Complete with a press release and telling them you won't take questions on where the family dog is. Or you could issue a news blackout...perfect for shutting up the loudmouth Aunt you have. How about using the Cabinet Room Looking for something? Oh, it's in the Cabinet Room. Or could could use the Rose Garden for Bocce Ball.

What if you sold used cars in it? That would be something to tell the neighbors. I'm gonna buy my used car at the White House. You could negotiate the price in the Oval Office. The sales people could be dressed like secret service agents. Only the difference is, you could tell them what to do.

It would be perfect for a fast food place. I can see me getting a bacon cheese Lincoln Bedroom burger. Or a side of State Room fries. And let's not forget the Oval Office shake. Do I want lettuce with that burger? No! Veto the lettuce.

Yes, I could live in the replica White House. I just wouldn't let it go to my head. No limo, no plane and no secret service. Well actually, the plane would be fun!


cmk said...

But, does it come with the ghosts that live in the (real) White House? Doesn't Lincoln show up frequently for visits? Now, THAT would be cool. ;)

lgsquirrel said...

Does it come with interns?

sari said...

It would be fun, explaining to people how to get there and watching their faces as they pulled up, wouldn't it?

xlpharmacy said...

It is impressive that they wanted to make a building like that.but at least they will remembered because they did that.