Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmastime Is Here. Well, Depending On Your Perspective

I wasn't going to bring it up but Christmastime is here. No, this post will not trash Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Broke Wednesday (I made that up, but you know what I'm saying). Neither will this post address the Christmas items being displayed in September at local stores. This post is about how I start early for Christmas. If you want to stop reading now, that's ok.

For the two of you that are still reading, you get a gift. 300 pennies!! I start playing Christmas music on November 1st, well that's after my Christmas In July celebration. Should I call it a celebration if I'm the only one around to celebrate? But when I play it, I have to do so secretively. Not everyone is shined up like a Christmas tree (I made that up, too. In fact, I'm not even sure that was proper English, or Espanol for you Spanish speakers) when they hear Christmas music, especially before Turkey Day.

But now, I can play it in the open. In So Cal, KOST 103.5, started playing Christmas music 24/7 today. It's their 10th year. In fact for a number of years they have played the same song to kick it off. And guess what, it's Barry Manilow (don't say a word...). Seriously, DO NOT SAY A WORD!!!!

Maybe the Christmas Bug affected me a little differently. My birthday is Christmas Eve, so maybe I am predisposed to being a Christmas fanatic. Or, maybe I am just off my rocker. By 'rocker,' I mean that I think Barry Manilow and Harry Conniff are rockers in the musical sense. I'll let you or my psychiatrist figure that one out.

In fact, I think Christmas Eve is just the start of Christmas, not my birthday. We put up our Christmas Tree this past Sunday. The family let me do that. Probably cause I get this look in my eyes starting on November 1st. Or perhaps it's because I whine daily about decorating until I finally get to. But, they set a limit. I do not get to decorate it...yet. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.


Lemon Stand said...

THAT is what Christmas is all about. The FEELING of Christmas and good cheer... not the shopping, spending or bank breaking. I guess this means it's time to pull out our family's Christmas traditions. They are the only reason I enjoy the season. Thanks for warming up the heart early. :)

meleah rebeccah said...

I absolutely *LOVE* how much YOU love Christmas. You have the TRUE spirit of the holiday in your whole heart.

Patti said...

I agree! You truly do have the Yuletide spirit in your heart.
I love your enthusiasm.

So Happy mid-November. Let the season of good cheer (and turkey) begin!

Ralph said...

In southern CT, there is 99.9, but they don't start until the day after Thanksgiving. Naturally, it is not the music - the holiday begin us, our family within. A time where it really feels much better to give than receive. A time to savor with your family - your kids are still young and even though ours are older (22 and 20), the feeling never goes away...

LesleyG said...

Hey, you know what I say: If it's workin' for you, do it! And I kind of not-so-secretly love it anyway, so party on, Christmas lovers!