Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bring The Olympics Home With You

Do you find yourself still turning on NBC?  Do you wish Michael Phelps had one more race in the pool, or the Men's USA basketball team had one more opponent to wipe the floor with?  Are you missing the 1,447 Olympic commercials, or all the new promos for NBC's new "comedies" or even the McDonalds Olympic scratch-off  game?  (Why does this sound like I am about to sell you something??)

In case you have not noticed, I really miss the Olympics (and it has nothing to due with the fact that I could watch 24/7 sports on TV with an all-female household.  No seriously, that didn't factor in at all!!!)  I miss everything about the Olympics, except for maybe the occasional commercial that had nothing to do with sports, even though they had an Olympic athlete parading around to sell their product.  Like the skeet shooting Bronze medalist that touted the wonders of a new bathroom cleaning sponge.  OK, I made that one up...but at least I came clean about it!  Clean/bathroom sponge, that is funny!!  You're right, it's not...

But all your fears and longings have an answer!!  Take the Olympics home with you everyday!!  You can simply make everything about your personal life medal worthy.  It's simple (and if you call right now, we'll double the offer...), award those that live with you a medal for everything they do!  If you're dreading cleaning out that one corner of the garage, make all of your children takes turns at it.  And you can award them gold, silver and bronze.

Now I am lucky, I have 3 kids, so each one of them will get a medal.  Although Lottie being 3 years old will probably earn all bronzes.  If you have more children than that, wow you are going to have a fierce competition on your hands!  And as a plus, have each child pick their own 'anthem,' so they will hear that when they win.

Be creative.  Don't give away medals for mediocrity.  Expect the best of them for each, uhhhhh, "sport..."  You're household will thank you.  OK, your household CHORES will thank you...